Peanut Butter in your frozen yoghurt?

They wowed us with their rainbow Unicorn flavour and then made us double-take with their charcoal-infused black frozen yoghurt, but Marcel’s is back for more. Being connected to Marcel’s by virtue of being a blogger meant that i was invited to try out their new peanut butter flavour that is on offer for the next few days, and it was worth the trip!

This one can stay!

We are not virgin frozen yoghurt people as you can see and so my wife Valerie and i had to add a little bit of fudge to the mix. But that was the best idea…

First of all the peanut butter flavour just really works. It is always going to be a flavour that people are likely to really like or not want to go near [people with butter allergies for example!] but Marcel’s have really nailed it this time. At the same time though, it feels like an accompaniment flavour. I said to Val that it would probably have worked even better alongside a chocolate or vanilla scoop, but the fudge we had added created the same effect.

Val turned to me and said something along the lines of, “This would be one of my go-to flavours. There are not many that I generally return to but this would be one of them.” So she is a fan.

And this genuinely is one that I would choose if I was just a boy standing in front of a girl [or boy, or more likely woman or man] asking them for a scoop for frozen yoghurt. The rainbow unicorn was a decent flavour and the charcoal was an interesting one everyone should try at least once [and possibly at most as well] but the peanut butter for me was a keeper. No question.

As you can see from the pics below, desperate times call for desperate measures and so in these corona virus times of ours, i had to run in and grab the yoghurt and then we physically-distanced ourselves in our car and enjoyed our tasty treat there. Perfect lift in the midst of all the chaos of covid-19 and really nice to be out of the house for a bit…

Peanut Butter in all the ways!

From Marcel’s side they would like to let you know that it is crafted from 100% natural peanut butter and what is amazing about this particular flavour is the range of ways in which you can enjoy it:

  1. On a cone as is or swirled together with our favourite Marcel’s chocolate frozen yoghurt;
  2. In a tub as described above (recommended toppings are nuts or chocolate sauce or both);
  3. As a smoothie;
  4. As a blizzard with chocolate sauce and nut sprinkles;
  5. And of course, don’t forget the 175ml tub of Peanut Butter frozen yoghurt to take home!

So Marcel’s new Peanut Butter flavour – in stores for the next few days as they test customer reactions so make sure you head down and grab it for this early preview although I have no doubt this will soon be a regular flavour they offer. It really is that good.

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