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Let’s get behind our team and win this thing: #TwoTeamsTwoCupsOneNation

There is likely to be one chance in the history of the world for one country to hold both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups at the same time - it's time to REALLY get behind our boys. The job is halfway done. Like everyone else, i was SUPER BUMMED when we lost so badly to India yesterday, although likely more so. i like to think of myself as South Africa's biggest cricket fan, [...]

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Do you have Ambition?

Have you heard of a card game called Ambition? It is now waiting for you as a really great app on the Play store! i should perhaps start with a disclaimer - i messaged Robert Acton, a friend of mine, who designed this game, to tell him i wanted to write a blog post. This is not for any benefit or gift or payment, i just thoroughly LOVE the game and want to see [...]

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Another [sigh] Open Letter to the Proteas (team and management)

An Open letter to the South African Mens' Proteas Cricket team... Hi there, Yes, it's me again. Brett "Fish" aka Scuba Steve [That's right, i'm the guy who attended a cricket test at Newlands wearing full scuba gear during a rain-affected test and was dubbed "Scuba Steve" by Pommie Mbangwa on the tv] and if you can't tell i'm a huge fan. Still not sure? Well it was also [...]

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Rugby World Cup: Good or Bad? Or some measure of both?

South Africa are the World Cup Rugby champions [of the world, as Queen might add, but possibly not the queen, as we completely smashed her side!] which is a really good thing. Or a really bad thing. Depending on who you speak to. For starters, when the squad was announced and this photo was taken, you could be forgiven as a stranger to the sport and the country, for thinking this is not a [...]

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Open letter to the Proteas cricket team

Another major tournament, another exit. Traditionally that would be the end of my day and i'd be in an emotional slump for the next couple of hours and quietly sad for the next few days as i try and get over the emotional burden another South African cricket loss places on me. But this time it's different. Because i don't even care. The emotional burden that i do carry is from the fact that i [...]

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Hey dude, where’d the Pokémon Go?

So, did you catch 'em all? And if not, are you still trying to? And do you even remember what i'm talking about. Exactly three months to the day [was two days ago and so technically three months and two days ago] Pokémon GO had exploded on to the scene, more people were playing it than fighting on Facebook or taking pictures of their food on Instagram, and some idiot said, "It won't last!" Cue large [...]

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Tandem Post: Mumbai

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? ...No! It's Jonty! And with one scoop of the ball and full-on dive into the stumps, Imzamam Ul Haq was run out and Jonty Rhodes changed cricket fielding. For. Ever. Until that point i had kinda watched cricket a little bit and tried to pick a guy - Richard Snell - to be my guy. But to me it was this weird, alien confusing beast that kept getting [...]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (escape)

another great wordpress photo challenge theme and so many different places where i could take this from but i decided this time to rather focus on one area - that of improv and my time with TheatreSports, now called Improguise, in South Africa who i got to spend about 11 years with making stuff up with and really just one of the most amazing opportunities and things to be a part of... like 'Whose Line [...]

It’s just not hockey! [oh wait, it is!]

on Friday i got to play a pick-up [social] game of field hockey at a club in Berkeley that a friend of mine from the internetweb [Thankx, Tamela!] told me about. and it was a most excellent time. with my team in SA, there were some players who wouldn't pass to me all that often because they didn't think i was so good. because of this, it upped the pressure the few times someone did [...]

Saturday Round Up: The week that was: Episode 4: of Geeks & Wild Animals Eating Habits, a woman made of iron & a lot of mirrors

so recently i started another blog called 'The Weekly Mash [and Peace!]' which has a different theme for every day and i have decided that i am going to post the Saturday Round Up on my Irresistibly Fish blog so that subscribers can have access to the week that we have just vibed through... so if you missed any of these, pick the ones that look interesting, and enjoy... [the FRIDAY one feels like one [...]

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