So, did you catch ’em all? And if not, are you still trying to? And do you even remember what i’m talking about.

Exactly three months to the day [was two days ago and so technically three months and two days ago] Pokémon GO had exploded on to the scene, more people were playing it than fighting on Facebook or taking pictures of their food on Instagram, and some idiot said, “It won’t last!”

Cue large gasps, melancholic soundtrack, cries of “Burn the witch!” and comparisons to legendary Dick Rowe who famously passed on the Beatles. You can read those thoughts over here. 

Now, just to clarify, i didn’t suggest that Pokémon Go in and of itself was a bad thing [although some who were playing it, took my playful jabs a little personally].

i also wasn’t suggesting that Pokémon Go would stop completely – i imagine the creators of PG are still living well off the profits that are still coming in and i imagine there is enough movement to keep it going.

What i suggested is that the majority of people – and specifically thinking people i know and particularly those who aren’t hugely into games – will be over it within three months.

And the last i remember hearing about Pokémon Go online was probably pretty much within two weeks of writing that post. My wife tbV broke her phone and when she got a new one, didn’t even get round to loading on Pokémon Go, despite not being a huge games person but having been super excited about driving around and catching these little critters.

The game did last long enough for me to run a Pokémon Go themed Hashtagging game which had some really fun entries which you can take a look at over here.

For me the main factor was always going to be interruption of life. Because you had to go to specific places to catch the Pokémons or get supplies, it was a fun distraction for a while and a great way to hang out with friends or family if that was their vibe. But real life was always lurking around the corner, and especially if you don’t have the life experience of putting things aside for games, life tends to call pretty loudly.

What do you think? Was i right? Or is there still some secret underground mass army of Pokémon Go players that i’m just not hearing about? If you played, what was one of your most fun moments in the game and why did you stop playing? What does it feel like to not have slow driving cars park in front of your house for five seconds at a time if you’re in a hot spot? Share some of your fun stories in the comments… 

And big question… for any of you who stopped… did you replace it with something else? Or just return to business as usual?

Did any of you find this, a little Oddish?

Oddish Pokemon