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Manchester United beat Poverty by three goals to hunger.

So last night there was a game of football/soccer between Manchester United [soccer is one of my least supported sports but if i have ever supported a team it has been Manchester United... and then locally Kaizer Chiefs back in the day when Dr Khumalo played and i always back Bafana!] and Real Madrid in the Champion's League. Real Madrid won 2-1 but of course there was "that red card incident" with Nani getting sent [...]

the greatest cricket match of all time

i took a moment at lunchtime yesterday to step out of my body and just really take in what was happening in front of my eyes: a guy busy in mid phone conversation running in to bowl to a batsman trying to play shots with just his left hand on the bat [as he had broken his right hand recently in a sister-encouraged skateboarding incident gone horribly wrong] while South African Sevens rugby player Paul [...]

the one formula

so wot an amazing weekend then... i started watching Formula 1 Grand Prix racing about 26 years ago when one of my Portuguese friends from Hillcrest Primary school in Johannesburg, South Africa invited me to watch this race - i remember it clearly because Nelson Piquet and his teammate led from start to finish and at the end of the race Piquet's teammate was the only person he had not lapped and so from then [...]

return of the japanese [may contain traces of silly]

so it's been a bit of a long while since i have watched japanese games shows and i figured there have to be some new ones around - for those of you who may have missed out on human tetris, binocular soccer/football and being-hit-in-the-nuts tongue twisters you can catch up on those over here and then on to here... so i did a little searching and i did find some new ones [to me anyways] [...]

Cheat! But not alone…

so this week i found out on twitter that our south african olympic swimming gold medalist, cameron van der bergh, had admitted to cheating to get his gold medal by doing a succession of dolphin kicks underwater in the pool [apparently only one is allowed] and it bummed me out. so, as one does, i made a facebook status about it... and was doubly surprised and bummed at how many [mostly christians] wrote comments on [...]

the games we play: The Settlers of Catan

there is a difference between people who play games and game players - the people who commented on the intro to this blog series post that they love 'Balderdash' and '30 Seconds' are people who play games... for game players [and it's not a judgemental difference, just a difference] are the kinds of people who can invest some serious time in a game for both the vibe of the game [people who play games] and [...]

the games we play: part intro

my family and friends have always played a lot of games [except for my dad, he hates games with a passion, his favourite is sitting in the lounge reading his newspaper while the rest of the family plays trivial pursuit and shouting out all the answers, but that's about the closest he gets] but my mom and my sisters love games, and the large majority of friends in my and now our friend ship circles [...]

to celebrate a 40 million something goal is human, to forgive is divine…

i imagine this is a much bigger post or discussion than what will fit in here but let's get it started... a soccer player [who was worth something like 40 million something - does it really matter when you hit 40 million whether the next word is pounds, euros or dollars?] scores a goal. a hundred facebook statuses [stati?] read something along the lines of 'amazing goal - so worth the money spent' i get [...]

Comedysportz – like TheatreSports with a ref [and more spitting!]

so last nite A-Ron and i joined Steve and Kristin and friends for a 10pm showing [what a great time!] of Comedysportz, Philadelphia's longest running [similiar to us, 18 years i think they said] improv show. and had a really good time. Kind of a cross between Whose Line Is It Anyway?, TheatreSports and Stellenbosch's Ad Lib show and with a little more emphasis on the sports than we have the show starts with the [...]

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