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Tandem Post: Just one of those paradoxical observations

Welcome to the last week of our seven writer, four Tandem Post blog series. This week's tricky title was audience-sourced and provided by Tim Van de Venter. = = = = = = = = = = JUST ONE OF THOSE PARADOXICAL OBSERVATIONS "I'm the Doctor." "Doctor... who?" "If you like. And tell me good sir, who might you be?" "The name's Watson. But you can call me John. I'm a medical doctor, formerly in [...]

Tandem Post: Too Much For You

This week’s Tandem Blog Title [seven writers producing a blog post from the same title] is ‘Too Much For You’ and so without much further ado about nothing, here is my version of: = = = = = = = = = = TOO MUCH FOR YOU   Am i too much, for you? Is that, it? Is that what's going on here? Every time you hear the creak of my footprint on the passage floorboards [...]

Tandem Post: Behind the Tree

Week two of our Tandem Blog Post series in which seven writers receive a title every week and then produce whatever the title inspires in them - had some really hardcore, emotional, quite challenging pieces from some of our writers last week - who knows what mood they will be in this week? Please make sure you click on the next post at the bottom and make your way through as many of them as [...]

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Tandem Post: The Missing Voice

Every couple of months a few writers gather together to create a series of Tandem Blog Posts. What this means this time is that seven of us - Nick Frost, Trevor Black, Megan Furniss, Ashley Visagie, Dave Luis, Candice D'Arcy and myself - all received the same title a week ago - The Missing Voice - and the idea is that each of us will create a post inspired by that title with a link [...]

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Breaking Bread [with Trev]: Words vs Life

It has been a bit of a while since i had a Breaking Bread conversation with Trev where each of us gets five chances to respond to the other person with around 100 words per time and so we decided to give it another try and here it is: = = = = = = = = = = Brett: (1/10) Hey Trev, it feels like it's time we had another one of these conversations. The [...]

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Literary Lion Challenge: Edge

i stumbled upon a piece of a blog called Literary Lion, [who i believe to be Laura Gabrielle Feasey who you can find on the Twitterer as @laurafeasey], in which there lay a challenge to write a 400 word or less piece titled 'Edge' and in the absence of regular Tandem Blog posting, i decided to take up that challenge and so here is mine, i hope you will enjoy, or something: EDGE David woke [...]

Breaking Bread [with Trev]: Finding the Words

Following closely in the footsteps of, 'Breaking Bread [with Trev]: Changing Your Mind' comes 'Finding the Words', the second post in a Tandem Blog Conversation piece which sees a conversation of 5x100ish words each, this time on the topic of the languages we speak [or don't]: = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Brett: My wife and i started learning isiXhosa just over a month ago which is [...]

Tandem Post: The Age of Outcry

This is the last post in a series of four Tandem Blog posts where Dave Luis and Megan Furniss and myself have each picked a title and the three of us have written whatever it has inspired in us. So far we have done That Nagging Feeling... followed by 37 Million Miles... and lastly Boundaries. The fourth and final title was opened up to the Facebook and the most popular suggestion was by Valerie Anderson aka tbV [...]

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Tandem Post: 37 Million Light Years

37 Million Light Years It arrived on the screen as a message of hope: "37 Million Light Years" The number seemed so ridiculously large that Corporal-Sergeant Janet Witherspoon wondered how it had ever been cause for concern in the first place. How does an exploratory spacecraft fitted out with all the latest technology still somehow manage to mess up so badly? 'Human error', she thought to herself. Living in a futuristic society beyond anything most people [...]

Tandem Post: That nagging feeling…

And we're back - just three bloggerists this time, but two amazing story-tellers joining me for another season of Tandem Blog posting. Join myself, Megan and Dave as we take the same title and give it our own personal and unique flavour... = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = THAT NAGGING FEELING 'Gently does it. Keep your speed average. Not too fast. Not too slow. We [...]

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