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Prosperity as a Blessing from God

Continuing with a read through of this chapter from Ron Sider’s ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’ starting where we left off: Possessions are highly dangerous. They lead to a multitude of sins, including idolatry. Western Christians today desperately need to turn away from their covetous civilisation’s grasping materialism. = = = = = THE RING AND THE BELOVED Possessions are dangerous. But they are not innately evil. Biblical revelation begins with creation. And [...]

Tossing the Greedy out of the Church

As we continue to seek out A Carefree Attitude Towards Possessions through the lens of Ron Sider’s challenging book, ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’ let me go back a paragraph to remind us where we are and then continue with words i hope you will wrestle with and share with your friends: = = = = = Matthew, Mark and Luke all recall the terrible warning: “How hard it is for those who [...]

Sell all of our possessions?

Continuing the passage i am sharing from the Ron Sider book, ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’, i’ll back up one paragraph just to remind us where we were: = = = = = If there are poor people who need assistance, Jesus’ carefree disciple will help – even if that means selling possessions. People are vastly more important than property. “Laying up treasure in heaven” means exactly the same thing. “In Jewish literature, [...]

A carefree attitude towards possessions

How brave do you feel today? i am busy reading slowly through a book written by a guy called Ron Sider, titled, ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’ and this chapter, which is about halfway through the book has the title, ‘A Biblical Attitude towards Property and Wealth’. […]

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i was ROBbed [stories of a best friend]

i miss you, Robert Lloyd. Two nights ago i was sitting with tbV in our courtyard drinking a glass of chocolate wine [it’s a thing!], eating Lindt balls and sharing a cigar, having a moment of remembering my best friend [this week has been filled with different versions of those] and we each shared stories of Rob and things that came to mind when we thought about him. […]

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Taboo Topics: Transracial Adoption – Meet Adin and Rita Walls

Adin and Rita with the beautiful Alou This blog post is based on a status update I made recently on Facebook. I have adapted it for this blog. Thanks, Brett, for giving me a place to share my voice on this topic. Over the years I have been quite active with blogging, sharing my colourful thoughts about everything from the opening act at the U2 concert to my opinion on Apple vs Android. [...]

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Taboo Topics: Transracial Adoption – Meet Abi and Babygirl

I never fully realised what an impact one little girl could have on a community, just by being herself. Adoption has always been on my heart. I can remember asking my parents, repeatedly, for years, for a baby sister for Christmas. Preferably adopted. It’s obviously something that I’m meant to be involved in. I got my baby sister when I was thirteen. And then a baby brother when I was nineteen. And there have been [...]

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