This week’s Tandem Blog Title [seven writers producing a blog post from the same title] is ‘Too Much For You’ and so without much further ado about nothing, here is my version of:

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Am i too much,

for you?

Is that,


Is that

what’s going

on here?

Every time

you hear

the creak

of my footprint

on the passage floorboards

you just up and disappear?


Can you

not stand,


The possibility

of one more


Are you losing

the strength

to muster up

just one more

justified justification?


Are you tired of


white guilt?

That’s strange,

cos that’s not

what i’ve been,


Or is,


that you’re

finding the depictions of

your privilege

too compelling?


You choose,

once more

to stick

with a life

that’s comfortable.

You were,

offered Truth

but you panic’d

and you reached

for the blue pill.


I can’t,

this is not

a choice

that anyone

but you can make.

But i know

that if

you don’t,

it won’t be long

until you find

that you made

a serious mistake.


The time feels short, the sand it drips, the clock ticks on, the scale it dips,

The voices rise, the patience wanes, the fires grow, anger remains,

Your door slams shut, your windows bolted, climb back in bed, the country’s jolted

Pull the covers up and hide, you feel safe and warm inside

Headphones on, turn up the beat

Your white cocoon it is complete

“I am alright”

“I am okay”

“Just keep his chanting voice at bay”



Just wait,

until you,

have to deal,

with THEM!

= = = = = = = = = =

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