A Christmas Carol Parody Music Video story…

Make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video, they said. It will be fun, they said. Okay, so no-one actually suggested i make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video and it actually was quite a lot of fun and especially hearing and reading people's comments and feedback has been quite delightful to this point, but still. What was i thinking? With an extremely sore neck [Danny Glover in 'Lethal Weapon' was right!] and [...]

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Justice had a beat

One of the absolute highlights of the recent Justice Conference in South Africa was the worship. Now Val and i learned from our wedding that sometimes amazing musical experiences don't translate on to video. The opening djembe arrival of the bride at our wedding is one of the most powerful musical moments of my life as first one then two, then five, then twenty djembes joined in to create a pulsating rhythm and a [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #UnwantedBoyBandNames

Everyone loves a good boy band. [If only there were any]. But most of us probably think we could come up with some better names than what we've experienced so far. So AFH decided to give this a try... and you showed up! [The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 1pm South African time [6am EST] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in [...]

The Christmas Carol that could

Let me be honest here. i'm not a fan of Christmas carols. i judge a successful year by how late in the year i hear my first Christmas carol in the mall [and this year was a pretty decent year let me tell you - may have even been December, although that might say more about how often i find myself in malls these days than how early the carols started droning]. At least i [...]

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CD Giveaway: Chris Tomlin/Rend Collective

Who doesn't like FREE stuff, right? So let's jump straight to the point which is that i have the latest Chris Tomlin 3 cd collection [a combination of his See the Morning, Hello Love and Burning Lights cds] as well as the Rend Collective Mixtape [a new collection which combines some of your favourite Rend Collective songs]. Chris Tomlin, along with Matt Redman, must be one of the most consistent worship song writers of [...]

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The Passion of the Cries

Last night as tbV and i left after a calm and productive evening at UCT as part of the Peace and Justice Witnesses team, stunned by an incredible evening of students talking to students and trying to figure all this stuff out, we noticed a stream of water. Upon closer inspection, we found that someone had turned on one of the taps by the fire hoses in one of the lecture halls, completely flooding the [...]

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Just Like Fire: the song the neighbours are dreading

i am loving Pink's "Just Like Fire" so much right now! In fact it is the first song i have bought for a long long time [last one was Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammer if that helps you see my state of mind] And i just watched the music video and am even more in love - song is from Alice Through the Looking Glass which was a lot of silly fun but ja. [...]

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Meeting Skillet face to face: What question will you ask?

It started with great timing and a Facebook status i stumbled upon: Skillet play at Freedom Festival 27 april, Cape Town Ostrich farm. Want to win tickets from me?? Now to give this some perspective, Skillet have for the longest time been my bonus favourite band... for many years of my life i listed four bands as my top 4: U2, Coldplay, R.E.M., Tree63 and then Skillet was next in line. So understudy in case any of [...]

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Let me help you avoid those Word Crimes [with a little help from Al!]

i am a big fan of Weird Al Yankovic and if you don't recognise that name then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Move out from under that rock you're under and hang out with Uncle Google and get educated... From probably his best music video for 'Fat' [the parody of Michael Jackson's 'Bad'] to classics such as Amish Paradise, Smells like Nirvana and The Star Wars take 'The Saga Begins' More recently there were two exceptional [...]

New [to me] songs that are rocking my world…

music played such a huge role in my visit back to South Africa that we have just returned from. the first was a gift within a gift. we were given the use of a car by two people [only one of whom i actually knew before the trip and hadn't been in contact with for about 15 years til a week before i posted a 'looking for a car' ad on Facebook] who decided that [...]

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