i am loving Pink’s “Just Like Fire” so much right now! In fact it is the first song i have bought for a long long time [last one was Honey I’m Good by Andy Grammer if that helps you see my state of mind]

And i just watched the music video and am even more in love – song is from Alice Through the Looking Glass which was a lot of silly fun but ja.

Caught it on the radio the other day and the part where they echo “Party! Party! Party!” in the background really grabbed me [actual lyric is “Run it! Run it! Run it!” so i’ll stop singing “Party!”]. Last night i jumped in the car to head somewhere and flipped on the radio and it came on again and just made me so happy.

Just like fire, burning up the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way
Just like magic, I’ll be flying free
I’mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?
No one can be just like me any way

The song speaks about making a difference and just being yourself and not allowing yourself to be judged by the world. That’s my take anyways.

I love this line:

And people like to laugh at you ’cause they are all the same, mmm, mmm
See I would rather we just go a different way than play the game mm, mm

The refrain “No one can be just like me any way” is really how i try to live my life. Not aiming to be different but certainly aiming to not be the same.

And then there is this little rappy type bit towards the end which i like as it carries the idea of innovation and creativity – how so often people will look at things like poverty or capitalism or racism and other huge gaints like that and think they are unassailable just because no-one has taken them down before. Like slavery. Oh, wait.

So look I came here to run it
Just ’cause nobody’s done it
Y’all don’t think I can run it
But look, I’ve been here, I’ve done it
Impossible? Please
Watch I do it with ease
You just gotta believe
Come on, come on with me

And then of course there is this little gem snuck in near the beginning of the song which feels like a large portion of my social media experience.

And I’m walking on a wire, trying to go higher
Feels like I’m surrounded by clowns and liars

Just so many different aspects of depth to this song despite it initially just being something fun and loud and easy to sing along to [especially when you figure out the right words although “Party!” really does work, try it.

This last bit made me think of my beautiful wife, tbV, and having just celebrated seven years of marriage, i think we can testify to this.

And no matter the weather, we can do it better
You and me together, forever and ever
We don’t have to worry ’bout a thing, ’bout a thing

Anyways, this song has been making me happy so i just wanted to share about it. The neighbours have certainly heard it enough times today as i try to get some of the (real) words stuck in my head. Ha Ha. Anderson kareoke, yo!

What song is doing it for you at the moment? Just in terms of an enjoyable, making-you-happy, singalong type of vibey song?