Make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Okay, so no-one actually suggested i make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video and it actually was quite a lot of fun and especially hearing and reading people’s comments and feedback has been quite delightful to this point, but still. What was i thinking?

With an extremely sore neck [Danny Glover in ‘Lethal Weapon’ was right!] and body from the various filmings and general fatigue and worn-outness from editing the thing together for close to two full days, waiting to see if people would actually send in their own headbanging videos [they did] and a disgruntled forest bunny threatening to veto her part in proceedings if it didn’t quite meet her barline of ‘How weird is too weird for me to be involved in onscreen?’, and then the stressful moments leading up to the final releasing of the video – spotting a mistake, almost missing a headbanging clip that fortunately previous mentioned forest bunny alerted me to, hoping it would upload properly and taking forever to appear on my YouTube page after it had said it was uploaded, there was a whole lot of “NEVER AGAIN’ing” going on in my head [but who are we trying to fool?]

And i am very happy with how it all turned out. Of course, i have an increased respect for sound and music and movie people who do this stuff cos just getting the light or keeping the music levels consistent from one shot to the next or trying to align mouth and words when the clips have been detached was an absolute mission and often ran into a “Screw it! That’s the best i can do” given the fact that Christmas was days away and a Christmas parody song AFTER Christmas is like putting pineapple on pizza – very unnecessary and unappealing to most.

But it made me happy, and it made family members and friends happy. And that was the main focus of it. In the most difficult year that the majority of us have faced in our lives and in one where in recent times the number of infections and deaths has been increasing wildly and also coming very much into circles of people we know and love, on the one hand it feels wrong to be focusing on laughs and silly bunnies and shaky heads… but on the other hand, as the final text line declares – 2020 you don’t get to have the final word! We can grieve and mourn and remember the losses and the absolute lows of a truly kucky year AND at the same time we can take a moment to just step away from the heaviness of it all and find a reason to smile and laugh and get involved in something silly and wonder aloud as to why there are bunnies doing strange dances in the woods.

If we don’t take opportunities to laugh, the sadness and grief might overwhelm and so we need to give ourselves permission to smile and have some fun and even laugh and joke and dance a little ridiculously and yes, even dress up like a bunny and do some surreal movement in the woods.

The great irony is that this was actually the SECOND Christmas song i wrote this year, and with Christmas now two days away, the chances of getting the first one out are marginal – but i will give it a try cos it’s not a whole music video and i really like it! 

In the meantime though, if you haven’t watched this yet, i do hope that you will enjoy it and consider sharing it with your friends…

If you took the time to watch, i’d love to hear from you what your favourite moment was in the comments below. And thanks so much for watching. Keep an ear out for ‘Sanitisers coming to town’ just in case i do get round to making it…