A Vigil of Prayer of Lament for Uyinene

A new Prayer of Lament Yesterday i was invited to attend another prayer vigil at the Clareinch Post Office where a man killed Uyinene Mrwetyana.  This time it was in my role as a volunteer with the Peace Justice Witnesses which i haven't done since #FeesMustFall days probably about two years ago. It turns out we weren't really needed because nothing out of the ordinary happened, but i felt privileged to be able to [...]

When life makes you screen!

Last night tbV [the beautiful Val] and i went for a walk in Rondvlei in Grassy Park. It is a beautiful space of nature - where apparently hippos roam altho i am yet to see that to believe it - hidden in the middle of the suburbs where you can go and walk for free and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Val is on a 2km per day vibe [as a minimum, which is [...]

Race to watch these movies

i am convinced that relationships are the key to South Africa's transformation. We can read and learn and unlearn and try to understand and engage and educate ourselves - which are all helpful and important things to do - but unless we are building real, authentic, two-way friendship with people we are not going to be moving forwards. Sometimes the reading, learning, unlearning, understanding, engaging and educating are vital for us so that we won't [...]

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Black Panther: the movie the world has been waiting for

i absolutely LOVED Black Panther last night, despite once again [this time cos 2D was sold out though for a pleasant change] having to watch it in crappy 3D - definitely want to see it again in 2D, so someone invite me please! And i should add right here that THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD so if you have not watched Black Panther yet, you may want to go and do that - SERIOUSLY, GO AND [...]

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H&M: some thoughts on the boy in the hoodie

This is a post for all those of you who have seen the original H & M advert of the little black boy wearing the hoodie with the slogan 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle' on it. He was pictured next to a white boy who had the slogan 'Survival Expert' on his hoodie. Because it seems like this is still being discussed, and because a whole lot of white people seem not to understand why [...]

No Confidence in the No Confidence

When i hear the words 'secret ballot' i immediately change them to 'secret ballet' and feel like there is some kind of underground mysterious quite-possibly-Russian dance extravaganza happening that i wasn't invited to. And will there or won't there be need for the traditional tutu? But then i hear that it's a No confidence vote in the president, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and i instantly realise that his middle name is a lot more creative than mine, [...]

Anatomy of a march

This follows on from 'South Africa - the week that followed: Where to from here?' so if you didn't read that maybe start there. BEWARE THE IDEAS OF MARCH For all those of you who marched or live protested for the first time on Friday, i think it might be helpful to share one possible reason or different perspective that may help you see why some people took issue to the idea of the march. To achieve [...]

Post-Marchem: Reflections after the #AntiZumaMarch

i have to go out quite early today, so not going to be able to compile as much as i would hope, but maybe tomorrow there will be a part II. Yesterday there was a march and some people did and some people didn't and you can read my thoughts about that if you didn't yet... but here are a couple of reflections i have seen from people on my feed: = = = = [...]

Movie Review: The ‘Lion’ King

tbV and i went to watch the movie Lion at the Labia theatre last night.  Let's get this out of the way from the start: Dev Patel is one of my favourite actors. i would probably watch him in an Adam Sandler movie. Well, maybe not THAT, but most other stuff. So although we were grappling between Lion and La La Land and even put up a Facebook poll to see where the crowds leaned [...]

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Look what these university hooligans are up to now.

You'd hope that being the weekend these University protesters would give it a break. But no, last night they were definitely at it again i had just returned from performing an Improv show as part of the MamaCity Improv Festival [You should totally go by the way - i'm playing again on Monday but they're doing shows all weekend and it is good!] and i was hungry so my wife tbV and two friends and i [...]

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