Just two weeks ago, an idea was born.

i can’t even remember where the inspiration came from actually but one day Character Stories for Children was not a thing and the next day it was.

We have reached the end of our second week with 10 videos and two live stream Saturday morning shows under our belts.

Character Stories has not been an overnight sensation. We haven’t gone viral. And we don’t have a hundred thousand subscribers.

We do have almost 150 subscribers though [Just two away – are you one of them? Go and click the thing!]

And a small army of regular viewers who make up our audience each day and then a wider group who catch them later or the next morning.

Fans of Character Stories

We have also been shared and endorsed by the Western Cape Government Cultural Affairs and Sport department which is pretty cool!

And the SUPER EXCITING STOP THE PRESSES BIG NEWS is that local legendary writer and performer Siphokazi Jonas has just performed and uploaded our very first isiXhosa children’s story which will be released this week [Wed 22nd]

We have some people working on our first Afrikaans stories and today’s video features our first ever song so should be something very different for the kids to enjoy.

At the end of the day, there are some children who have something to look forward to each day – some of the fans have even had their favourite characters leave voice messages for them on their parents phones. And hopefully the energy and work and effort that a number of generous improvisers and artists [from two different countries so far] have put in have in some small way given a few families a reason to smile during lockdown.

Although, if news of the Character Stories for Children channel is new to you reading this now, then you might want to click through to some of our stories from the first two weeks that you have missed:

Hairyett reading ‘The Land of Mites and Maybes’ by Arden Davidson

Nota Thingrimes Weethorinj reading her own delightful story, ‘The Flarg’

Sleepy Dee-Dee and the well-known tale of ‘The Princess and the Pea’

Fizzledorn Wifflesnuff and Aesop’s Tale of ‘Farmer Son Donkey’

Finally Friday saw Nota Thingrimes back with Part I of our continuing Friday story, ‘The Saga of Clyff Hanga’

These were followed by Saturday’s Live Stream show with Hairyett back to amuse and entertain.

This week we had Hairyett in her weekly slot sharing with us, ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’by Edward Lear

Wilbur Polyester brought us his own story, ‘The Case of Lucy Sacks’ Lucky Sock’

Thursday was my chance to debut with my character Erik [with a K] who read ‘The Pink Kingdom’ by Detlev Linde

Friday saw the second part of The Saga of Clyff Hanga with Fizzledorn Wifflesnuff taking us a little deeper into the story of young KD.

So there is lots to catch up on if you have only just joined us.

We would love the stories to arrive in front of many more young eyes [although i know of some big grown-up kids who have been enjoying them too and so this really is fun for the whol family!]. So please don’t hesitate to SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS or tag your friends who have children when you see the next video is dropping.

This is but one opportunity of a group of super talented people deciding to share what they have with the children in South Africa [and beyond] who are stuck in lockdown during a very scary time for many of us. It has been an absolute pleasure and delight and we look forward to continue bringing you more Character Stories for Children.

See you soon at Character Stories for Children – invite your kids to leave us a comment to let us know what they think so far…