i don’t have children. But i know a lot of people who do. Many who i really really like! 

Which is one of the reasons i came up with the idea of Character Stories for Children #CSC

i used to have a character called Erik [with a K] who would read poems and stories in a bad shouty german accent [my nieces in particular love my bad shouty german accent and so it definitely was born at family events trying to keep them entertained]

With the lockdown in play a lot of children are now at home for longer periods of time and some parents are finding it challenging to keep them busy all the time, or even a lot of the time.

So i chatted to some of my Improv friends from Improguise and a bunch of them agreed to create a video of a character reading a children’s story or poem. Then an Improv friend of mine from the UK chatted to some of his troupe and some of them agreed to create some videos for us as well. i chatted to a few more people and more people came on board in different ways.

All this to say that from Monday, if all goes well, we will be dropping the very first video from the Character Stories for Children channel and every day after that during the week, we will release another video.

i hope that if you have young children that this will be something that appeals to them and gives them something to smile about once a day [or more if, knowing my nieces, they go back and watch them again!] If you don’t have children, then i hope you find them entertaining enough to give you a smile or a laugh.

But don’t take it from me. Let Erik [with a K] fill you in…

What can I do?

It is four days to go… my friends are busy finding stories and making stories and recording poems and other things and hopefully everything will be ready by then.

But in the meantime, we would love it if you share this post and if you share the countdown posts that are dropping every day on FB and the Twitterer [@BrettFishA] and help us gain a bit of an audience for Monday for when the first story drops.

This is our gift to you and we would love it to be available to as many eyes as possible…

Character Stories for Children… Are you ready?