It’s been a while since we saw a meme take off since today’s Bernie Sanders’ meme.

And i feel like everyone has seen all of them, but just seeing today how so many people are taking so much delight on my Twitterer feed from the few i posted, i thought it was worth sticking them in a blog post so more people can join in the fun.

Bernie Sanders arrives at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden in America wearing his one jacket and this amazing pair of snow mittens [slash oven gloves?] and the rest is internetting history.

There are literally tons of these now, and by literally i mean figuratively, but there are a LOT! And so many of them are so so good.

But i have a top four and some with honourable mention and i thought i would at least share those with you [and hope you will reciprocate with your favourite ones!]

Third Place

Bernie meme

Third place for me was tough to call so i have to give it to both of these. Cos while Bernie of Thrones is Greatness, there is something special about people who take the traditional route and then give it a bit of a tweak. So both of these feel on par with being really clever and fun.

You will see the tweak to a much greater extent in my runner up pic pick!

Second Place

Bernie meme cartoon

Justice Bernie of America is taking the idea of the Bernie meme to a whole next level and huge kudos to the artist of this one.

i really enjoy the vibe and the twist is just so clever and brilliantly put into effect.

But for me there was one clear winner and i really have seen close to hundreds of these things – and there are so many great ones not on here for sure – but before we get there, let’s take a look at a few that for me were worthy of mention… a few of the very many that were worthy of mention!

Honourable Mention

The Fresh Bernie of Bel Air was one that i saw quite late otherwise it may have made it into my top list, but in terms of combining traditional sentiment and a really good meme it has to be included. As does the Bernie Box one which is a far more recent entertainment offering but pulled off so well here. Then if you know and understand the context of the Clint Eastwood one [another one i saw quite late] it is golden in its own right.

The temptation is to troll the net and gather them all and stick them all here for easy access cos it literally has been so much fun watching other people get amped for the different ones and trading them back and forth on Facebook and the Twitterer. But i’ll try keep this to a best of highlights package and you can chase down the rest…

But to my favourite, which has to be Bernie being stolen from the Capitol. Hands down, or is it hands up, i don’t think any of the others quite got me like this one did:

However, the little p.s. to my day of enjoying Bernie Sanders memes was that the whole of yesterday i was calling for a Weekend at Bernie’s one and it was so amazing that not only did i see it today but it was tweeted by Andrew McCarthy himself, who stars in the movie which was one of my favourites growing up.

Now i don’t know if Andrew made the pic himself – likely not – bit it felt liek the best piece of poetic justice that this Wild Card Winner came from one of the actors in the movie:

Weekend at Bernie meme

Okay, okay, i know that was meant to be the end – this is becoming a Lord of the Rings finale scene jam – but given the historic nature of the occasion i don’t think this particular list would be complete without including the ex-first lady’s choice of departing dress…

Melania Bernie meme


A little p.s. EDIT

So i had to jump back in here and add some greatness. Because the gift of the Bernie Sanders meme just keeps giving.

Firstly there was Lego Bernie which is pretty impressive and clever:

Lego Bernie

But the one that ended this competition for me was crocheted Bernie, hands down:

Crochet Bernie

i would LOVE one of these for my man cave and apparently that is possible as you can get hold of the pattern for a mere R90 online. Over 9000 already sold at the time of writing this.

But then Bernie Sanders himself went one better and had a sweatshirt made that he is selling on his website to raise money for Meals on Wheels. This is the kind of leadership and modelling the world needs. Check it out! 

How about you?

i hope you enjoyed those and that maybe there were even one or two you hadn’t seen yet, but i am super curious to hear what your favourite is, so maybe post or describe it in the comments below… assuming that instant-camping-chair-Bernie will definitely get a look in there…

Since posting this, there were just so many good ones that i just had to follow this up with a post of Bernie Memes part II over here!

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Have a great day and don’t forget to let us know which ones you liked most…