A Frikkin Hashtag: #MyHybridCreatureIs

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #MyHybridCreatureIs

What if you mixed this animal with that animal we thought out loud… and you showed us…

[The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South Africa’s #1 Hashtag game and is always a lot of fun. The F.L.O.P. [or Fish List Of Prizeworthyness] is the collection of some of the best tweets from each week’s game and is what all seriously comedic Hashtaggers aspire to…]

With Mikeala @Alohababe2011  Sunshine in the co-hostess seat – AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK TO YOU MISS – we were ready and set to go and just waiting for the test tube to go off…

You are a bunch of weird and freaky assed people, you know that? But fortunately you are completely crazily fun and hilarious and super creative too and this game was a whole lot of WOW!

So we trolled the Googly and looked for some examples to get your scientific tinkerings going and sent out an invite…

hybrid animal hashtag game

i tried to get a little Ali on y’all:

#MyHybridCreatureIs a moth combined with the properties of a wasp because it kinda floats like a butterfly, but it stings like a bee.

And bring one of my favourite talk show hosts into the mix, with the introduction of the Jimmy Falcon

jimmy fallon hybrid

While leaving some space for an existential crisis:

The face of a kitten but the mouth of a shark… so do i pet it or not?

hybrid creature hashtag game

While Mikeala got herself right in there:

That Snider looks particularly terrifying, although that Snapchat creature i also wouldn’t mess with in a hurry.

And then we let the Floodgates open to see what you would bring in and boy did you ever? So many great tweets making up this game and as always we could only sample a few, but some of the very beast that we saw running around in our back gardens were the following which incidentally make up this week’s Top Tweets list which we call:


John started us off with his usual depth of creativicatty:

While Richard managed to get a political tweet to sneak through cos it was so so good:

Andrew was pondering pandas? Or pandering pondas?

Ross brought the cute and then freaked us out with it. #QuitStaringAtMe

Mom brought the cute to the cute party:

While Sambo had to use a little Force to get his creature to sith…um, sit:

While he was working deals on the side with his backup creature:

While Dan was bemoaning the commercialism in the biz, yo:

Cattsy was pundering other things, or just horsing around?

While MsCheeVous was beguiling us with this amazing beast:

The cogs in Mr Stone’s head were clearly turning:

While Lisa’s was all that it was quacked up to be:

While Bazzo was sampling Hollywood for his creations:

Aamir used the ocean for his inspiration:

While Grendel’s was hatching a cunning plan:

Nathalie [with an H] was kitten us softly with this one:

And John was busy getting all technical on us:

Katt was busy soliciting:

While the Political Freakshow had ironically spotted this one:

Perfectly sized chick created one we weren’t sure whether to embrace or to run screaming from:

While Silver Eye had created the perfect night vision weapon:

Astorix was all about inflation:

While Finches had aspirations:

While Ruben’s was definitely not a mouse fan favourite:

Billie may have won for best combo name:

While Hash was en garde:

Tinman was hosting a synchronised party of sorts:

While Ross had a deadly creature in the swamps, waiting to swoop.

Lindsay looked in the mirror and came to her own conclusion:

So much goodness and creativity but with all this F.L.O.P.ivity going around, there were even a select few that just clawed their way up to the top of the hybrid super-genetically-modified pile and they are the ones that make up this week’s:


[5] Katt took things to a deeper, darker level:

[4] Cooking Gal snuck in a sneaky pun:

[3] Lisa how-did-she-sneak-back-in-here was getting up to more of her usual trouble again:

[2] While an even naughtier Craig managed to sneak this entry into a family game and only because of it’s brilliance [and the fact that all the kids are in bed] did we allow it in. Although mostly cos it was amazingly clever and brilliant and good [and awful all at once!]

[1] While the Big Win with absolutely no doubt this week went to Warren as the Force was most definitely with him:

Everybody should have a Hughbacca by their side.

Thanks again everyone for an absolutely brilliant game and for keeping it FAMILY [for the most part] – our five pillars we look particularly for when it comes to the F.L.O.P. are FUN and CLEVER and MISDIRECTIONAL and RANDOM [but related] and PUNNY and original and pictured tweets tend to grab our attention more.

Hope to see YOU on the F.L.O.P. list soon but in the meantime get ready for another Wed 12 noon in South Africa [6am EDT] game where we try and keep the WIT in the Twitterer…

Great work by Mikeala and huge shoutout as always to The UnNamed Ones who make the game happen while pelting me with raiSINs and cooked pineapple as i try to hand out their buckets of cheerful banter.

See you soon

love brett fish and No_bob


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