i’ve been wanting to get some different perspectives on this whole dating thing and so i asked my friend Terran if he would be able to write something on the one aspect of dating. And he said no. Something about having two children and a job or something… BUT what he did do for me [he is a super busy dude and i suspected he wouldn’t have time so this is great] is send me a link to a preach he did on the topic which i have heard before and which is very much worth listening to if you have the capacity and bandwidth and so on – so if you do then please head over here for a talk called “When sparks fly”

the talk was part of a series that Common Ground church in Rondebosch did and in fact, if you are able to i would encourage you to go and listen to the whole Sex in the City series which you can do over here.

let me know what u think… there’s some good stuff there.