A Frikkin Hashtag: #IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime

What stories will you be telling your grandchildren?

[The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of crazy people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South Africa’s #1 Hashtag game and is always a lot of fun. The F.L.O.P. [or Fish List Of Prizeworthyness] is the collection of some of the best tweets from each week’s game and is what all seriously comedic Hashtaggers aspire to…]

Before you jump to last week’s results, @AFrikkinHashtag has been featured on a South African blog so take a moment to take a look at In The Loop With Coco and hear some of the stories behind the game. Coco will be unofficially behind-the-scenes co-hosting with us this week to get a feel of how it all works.

What seems normal [or already pretty weird?] today that you are going to have difficulty explaining to your grandchildren in twenty to forty years time? When we are all riding hoverboards [except the aged obviously, that’s gonna be hoverwalkers] and phones are hands-free and communication is done by hologram.

That was the question posed for this week’s #IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime tag which also competed for longest tag in a Hashtagging game ever.

hashtag ad

When Adam Sandler movies somehow remarkably managed to still be a thing. When Doctor Who inexplicably had sonic sunglasses. When phones went from really really big to really really small to really really big to… and more.

Co-Hosting with me for her first time was I’m Shucked herself, @Aricka_Shuck, who featured high on two F.L.O.P. lists and then asked me if she could co-host and who am i to argue with those credentials?

Aricka Shruck

Aricka fit right into our team and slid effortlessly into the team. Buckets of banter continued to be distributed merrily around the room as everyone got down to it.

It was a busy trend day with the US election machine reaching one of its climaxes and so trends were largely dominated by Bernie and Hillary. But everyone was still up for a lot of fun and so we had a really good time projecting ourselves into the future and taking stock of the stories we’d tell.

As always i kicked us off with some ideas:

#IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime the Twitterer didn’t have an edit button #DesperateTimes


#IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime that tweets were barely allowed to have more characters than this hashtag contains.

#IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime we hoped this was an elaborate prank from @Aplusk #Trump2016 #Hillary2016

Hashtag game trump

#IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime there was the legend of @KeshaTedder and the Jar Jar Suit #TrueStory

Kesha Tedder Jar Jar

#IWillTellMyGrandchildrenAboutTheTime when these were considered cool by some people.  #TopKnot

top knot pics mullet

Aricka was on the money and got all romantic on us:

And of course there were all of you. Trying your hardest to be F.L.O.P.s [my mom would be so proud of what i’ve created] and with all the tweets out there we are sure to miss some great ones, but these are the ones which really caught out eye and made it on to this week’s:


Despite it being a slow trending week, there were still a LOT of great tweets…

Tim had a brilliant story for his grandchildren we are sure they’ll be proud of:

While John cut me deep:

Jay Thang got her groove on knowing just who to call:

And while i NEVER agree with killing ever, i do agree with Ross’ love of selfie sticks:

Whereas Tal scored the Misdirection:

While Geff has a particular time close to his heart:

Our favourite Bunni caused us to pause and reflect:

Dreamweasel will talk about the rough times he survived:

pH1 will speak about a close call:

Who was all about setting history straight. No, that’s not a question, it’s a statement. Who did. :

Grendel was right on the money with this timeless truth:

Dave seemed to be talking crazy:

Brian dreamed of things to come:

K Dawg got all save the planety and it was great how she worked #WorldOceansDay into the game:

Jillsy brought the heart:

Bunni was back with a warning:

Abhishek made a statment many would agree with:

Dave gave us a glimpse of a dismal future:

Whereas Tee’s vision seemed a lot more fun:

Ben spoke of the trials to come:

Gabe pointed to one of our lesser trophies:

Danielle talked of simpler phone abuse times:

Duh DID IT!!!:

Toast spoke of one of life’s greatest pursuits:

While cvplay spoke of things none of us know:

H.D. spoke of the curse…ive:

Mrs Touch spoke of a strange and powerful book of google:

Chris blew our minds:

UI didn’t even have to leave the house:

Scarlett Johandsome should be here just for that name:

Demand foresees trickier times ahead:

While Rob’s vision of the future was darker, unless @theseinfeldbot is involved of course:

Bunni again with premonitions of another kind:

Trent also seems a little nervous. Although Robots vs Trump? Tough call?

Anthony spoke true:

Perv’s conversation will be a short one:

Abhishek reminded us of THOSE Bucket Challenge days:

Joe brought the guilt:

Tal brought the zombies:

Pun felt left out:

Anvil spoke with confidence:

Mrs Touch mentioned distant times:

Colleen is not hopeful:

Joe brought the shock factor:

Nutfree spoke of growing pains:

Lass finally made the right choice:

CK cracked us up with this one:

While Anya brought back sad memories [for those of us old enough to know what “tapes” were]:

Austin glimpsed into a future not so far away perhaps?

Gabe spoke transformation:

Side Op as well:

While Who pointed to scarier times:

Mark has a mystery to solve:

Thought got real:

While A Thought spoke of a life of tyranny:

Shellie dropped the mic:

Prince spoke some real truth:

While Tami stood on the edge and glanced over:

Which brings me to the TOP THREE of this week’s F.L.O.P. which were the 3 tweets i thought deserved honourable mention:


[3] First up we had Adam, who wasn’t sure but scored Misdirection points for trying:

[2] Erin so almost topped this list while bringing desperately unwanted imagery:

[1] But the Clear Winner this week was Canadian Lass who showed some soul with this true story which moved us deeply:

Well done Canadian Lass – you are Top F.L.O.P.! Wear your virtual badge with pride.

Thank you to EVERYONE WHO PLAYED and especially those of you who F.L.O.P.ped in the only place on earth where that is a good thing. We will be back tomorrow with a tag that you will not be able to UNSEE, kind of like these images:

KFC small body


And of course:

trump hair

We are super stoked to have Lady Ä aka @she_nutt joining us for a co-host we are really looking forward to and we hope to see you there. Wed 12 noon SA time and 6am EDT. Til then, please keep the WIT in the Twitterer and stay away from the raiSINs. 

Remember that if you have not yet downloaded the @HashtagRoundup App you need to do that quickly to enjoy all of the games… 

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