When i click on my Facebook notifications i see names of people that have written things i have not yet seen.
Some of them make me sigh internally and dread clicking cos i just know it’s going to be a fight or an excuse or a blame, while others make me do the interesting sound internally [is there an interesting sound? Something between a hm and an ah perhaps?] cos i think there is a good likelihood that it will be quite interesting or i’m generally intrigued at what they’ve posted this time; still others get an eye-roll cos i know it’s going to be a bad pun or lame joke [but i still go check cos Curiosity Cat]; whereas there are some names where my inner lighting up device inwardly lights up and i generally click on all the other notifications first and save those for last cos i am a save-the-best-for-last kind of guy and know they are more than likely to be rad and inspiring and likely to challenge or give hope or unwrap some hectic insight… and then probably the majority of people’s names fall somewhere in between or in combo forms of those…
# i want to be someone whose name makes a lot of people’s inner lighting up devices inwardly light up [and if i am for you please don’t feel the need to write a comment about it below – this is purely who i’d like to be, not looking for pats on backs] because they suspect clicking on something i say will inspire/encourage/challenge/give hope/cause to think and then sometimes get to the page and realise, “Nope, he’s just going on about being called Bred Anderson in some mail he received. But he’s still kinda cool.”
# But i also think it’s okay to be one of the intriguing people – “What’s he up to this time?” You know, keep people guessing.
# i definitely want to be someone who makes people laugh – sharing the pics, memes, videos and links to LOL moments cos in the world we live in today, we definitely need some of those. i also want to be the one creating some of those moments of LOL.
# And to be honest, i also want desperately to be one of those people who cause eye-rolls and trepidation… [or unfollows and blocks] cos at the best of times, especially with some of the issues i am writing into or about, what i am writing needs to be making people uncomfortable and feel challenged and maybe even angry or frustrated or weirded out… because hopefully that will cause some deeper thought and somewhere down the line some change.
i never want to be surrounded by a bunch of yes people who smile and nod and like and retweet everything i say or think [i think i’m safe on this one]
And lastly, probably most important of all is those people who i trust and have invited more deeply to challenge and poke and prod and question me and what i write and think and say – which generally develops out of relationship – cos those people are crucial and critical to my growth and leadership and realising when i am getting it horribly wrong or missing something in my blind spot…
How about you? How do you want people to feel when they see your name in the notifications? How do you think they do?