Do you like to poem?

We know that some of our Hashtagger friends [and nemeses, yes looking at you K Dawg] don’t like poetry tags so we thought we’d help them out a little by removing that elusive rhyme… and you had a whole lot of fun with it.

The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6 am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South Africa’s #1 Hashtag game and is always a lot of fun. The F.L.O.P. [or Fish List Of Prizeworthyness] is the collection of some of the best tweets from each week’s game and is what all seriously comedic Hashtaggers aspire to…]

When it comes to Hashtaggers i don’t think you can do much better than John Lane who is one of my absolute favourites week by week and so it is always a pleasure to have him co-hosting with me.

john lane hashtagger poem

John ticks all the five pillars we strive for on AFH with tweets that are FUN, CLEVER, MISDIRECTIONAL, RANDOM [but related] and PUNNY. He keeps them FAMILY friendly [at least when i’m watching] and just constantly inspire me to want to be a better player.

As per usual we sent out an invite:

hashtag game poem don't rhyme

And sent out some early examples, you know, just to keep things moving:

hashtag game poem don't rhyme

hashtag poem don't rhyme

John of course was in top form and it was hard to choose a winner out of his classic tweets:

Although “financial kablooee” might signal a win!

We high trended with ease which of course meant that some of our favourite bots came out for a peek:

Then, of course, there was you. Were you? Whatever. We know you’re just in this for the F.L.O.P. fame and so, as always, lots of amazing tweets, but the ones that caught out eye make it on to this week’s…


And Wow, there were a lot of you, cos skills… starting with the Baz who was putting it bluntly with pure misdirection points:

Grendel was next with a poem that said everything that was needed to say:

While Giacomo had an accompaniment:

i loved Lisa’s little p.s. at the end [and also seeing her manage to scribe a tweet without using the word ‘raiSINs’ which feels like progress in her weekly therapy]

This is actually brilliant. Every week Baz prefaces his tweets with ‘I don’t have anything’ and then produces gold like this:

ℓєσ9мσиєу really delivered with this one:

While Stepehn should have provided us with a spoiler alert to this gem:

While bony scribe produced a classic:

Jessica also riding high on the misdirectionals and sneaking a family friendly tweet:

Jimmy was letting hiws drinking do the talking:

Lisa was back and in the mood for love [and still strangely no raiSINs, good work doc!]

While Jimmy was definitely feeling the vibe:

Geoffrey was in the mood for a good taunt:

While Jeff’s poem was actually poemy [we should let him co-host – OH WAIT!!!]

David was checking out the legal perimeters:

While this is literally what she said:

Ben was taking a more pragmatic approach:

While Bunni refused to take part in it… or did she?

Some great misdirection [for old people like me to get] from Kevin:

While View created this masterpiece that someone rally should get Morgan Freeman to read:

Regular Guy was not having it:

Hashtag Island brought some knowledge:

Joel was keeping his in the family:

While Paul took us to a darker place:

Catwoman dazzled us:

While Lures made theirs a pet project:

Lisa was killing this game and still somehow avoiding all talk of raiSINs… #MiraclesDoHappen:

Autumn’s poem felt deeply existential:

So many of you brought family-friendly versions of the Nantucket man [good for you] and here is just one of them:

Amithab went deep and submersive:

While Ronin was aware of the practical implications:

While Undead was thinking out loud:

Uncertainistic pretty much described my party life:

While Regular Guy topped the Misdirectionals with this great one:

Inquisition kept it honest:

While Chris has a big butt and I cannot lie:

757 brought the pumpkins:

While AnonyyMrs brought some truth:

Bill was saved by the kid:

While Katie’s tweet was number 1:

Dayna brought the real poetry out:

With Mar; lon not far behind:

So many super good tweets – i am literally reading most of those thinking “These could be on the F.L.O.P. ELEVEN list they are so good!” and so it was a really tough decision or two this week… but we did have some that felt even better than good to us and so here is this week’s…


[11] Stan’s final line misdirection had us at hello:

[10] Paul continued a much-used theme and mixed in some geography to make is safe for this game:

[9] While David we think had a subversive message about the appearance of the English language:

[8] More historical misdirection from Amithab:

[7] J.J. not only gets misdirection but also working-spork-into-a-poetic-work-of-art points:

[6] While Mark was just speaking plainly:

[5] Helen was bringing the muse from down under:

[4] Geoffrey dazzled us by asking a question about Haiku in Haiku #PoeticMindBlown:

[3] Punk & Spice brought SO MANY LEVELS to this beauty:

[2] Mark’s was both a poem and a public service announcement:

[1] While Ian is this week’s F.L.O.P. tweeter with this matter-of-fact offering:

Super great stuff everybody that played and one of the most fun F.L.O.P. lists in a long long time – just some brilliance and class – love it – and look forward to seeing you at our next game which takes place every Wed at 12 noon South Africa time and 6am EDT and can be found on the @HashtagRoundup app which if you haven’t downloaded yet, you really should.

Thank you John Lane for being an amazing co-host and as always The UnNamed Ones for not running off with all of the in-house snacks during the game…

See you soon, let’s keep the WIT in the Twitterer

love brett fish and The UnNamed Ones