A Frikkin Hashtag: #AnimalTopTwentySongs part II

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #AnimalTopTwentySongs part II

We continue with Part II of #AnimalTopTwentySongs [For Part I, click here] where we move beyond the trends and celebs and bots to the tweets that really matter, those made by YOU… that’s right, so many Fish List of Prizeworthyness [F.L.O.P.] tweets that they could not be contained in just one post.

There were really a whole lot of super good and amazing and funny and clever tweets in this game and this list is by no means exhaustive [so maybe click on the tag on the Twitterer and read some that didn’t make it here] but each of these cracked the nod for a different reason and so many because they were FUNNY or CLEVER or MISDIRECTIONAL or RANDOM [but related] or PUNNY [which are the big 5 we traditionally look for] and more… @AFrikkinHashtag presents this week’s:


First up, a huge shoutout to Quizical who decided to get proactive once this game was done:

And Duke even ran a poll with options – which is your favourite:

[Also if you are able to read through this list without singing a lion, um line of half of the songs at least in your head, if not out loud, you are a stronger person than me…]

Jimish was on form right away with a near complete full list of close to twenty to get us going:

John Lane [as he does] quickly took things to a whole ‘nother place:

While reminding us that his sharp is always on call:

While K Dawg, my sometimes nemesis and big time fan of Jar Jar Binks went for a classic:

This one from Kevin was one of my early favourites:

While Geff, who was absolutely killing this game from the start, hit us with this one:

So many doves in this game [obviously] and all so good like this one from Lizz:

Patch went all Disney on us:

Another Aha moment from Geff who continued to shepherd them in:

The ones i appreciated most in this game were the more obscure animals that were squeezed into songs like this beaut from Dave:

Occupy EH channelled some Boss:

More greatness from Patch:

Dan brought home the bacon:

Geff brought the feels with a boy band number:

While Sammy hit us with another clever classic dance number:

Lauren was not satisfied with the one animal per song route most had taken:


Nick focused on the band:

While Tony tried to milk it:

Our fave Abed brought back the King of Pop:

Loved this one from Kirt that felt like a bit of a p.s. win:

While Alad brought the beats with another of my personal favourites:

More Adele, this time from Cheryl:

View scored bonus points from bringing in the Pythons in his reference:

John channeled Bon Jovi:

Roe brought a R.E.M.inder of the Canada:

HAA went a little Christmassy on us, another favourite, especially if you picture it playing out:

While Reso wanted to keep on believing:

Kellie was open to anything from this purrfect band:

While Alad transported us back in time:

Laura brought the Floyd:

Uncle Beard brought the moves:

While BBC Earth were killing it

John returned with more of hiss greatness:

Jacqui popped in for a nightcap:

Garlic slowed it down a little:

More Jacqui and more iguana:

While Sam was facing a cat-astrophe of his own:

Marko took us under the sea:

THIS is one that will get you singing [probably out loud! It’s okay. Just go there with Grant!]:

While Vältivat summed it all up in an animal name [another fave!]:

Ivy stretched this one and it’s so good:

i feel like this is clever and misdirectional points for Bill:

Although this cat parade was also fully in on the misdirectionals:

Sam’s one twerked, sorry worked well:

And Heggland, well if you don’t sing out loud to this one then you should really just buzz off cos it is so great:

Ben brought one of the cleverest into the fold:

Or was it Dick who really took things to another level with this:

Stan took me back in time with another personal favourite and another you can’t not sing in your head [at least]:

We were hoping off the cuff was playing the game and not confessing, although bacon:

Ah, and this one from Amy is pure class:

Followed by Vicky, and also:

It wasn’t letting up with Robin horsing around:

And 22 Frets snuck in with this slightly more obscure Disney great:

SO MANY SUPER GREAT TWEETS and as i read through them again, so many of them could and maybe should be on the TOP F.L.O.P. side of this list they are all just THAT good and remembering a whole bunch that didn’t make it in to this post at all – i just don’t understand how people can make Top Ten lists cos i never can… but somehow as the game was going oon, there were tweets that got special treatment and are this weeks Best of the Best and this might be the longest TOP F.L.O.P. we’ve had but they really were so good, so let’s cheer on this week’s


[15] Richard got all Australian on us:

[14] Charlie brought another Christmas camel, um carol:

[13] Walking Abed brought this magnificent extension:

[12] End of Daze plummed the depths of obscurity:

[11] This was a bit of a stretch but i love how it actually works from Alad:

[10] Mark brought the rock and roll:

[9] Peanut said it exactly as it was and found the perfect accompanying pic:

[8] Dr Mind asked the question we’d all been too afraid to ask:

[7] Fox brought us this delightful Hanson nod:

[6] Ian brought another of my absolute favourites, so well worked:

[5] Ghostly G brought another classic singalong to the party:

[4] Donna’s was pure greatness and an anthem for dogs everywhere:

[3] While SassyPants brought three creatures to one song title in pure perfection:

[2] Don’t think shared a boundary line that won’t be crossed:

[1] And in case you thought i had claimed one more F.L.O.P. than i’d delivered, i could not decide between these two as TOP F.L.O.P. tweet for this game and so i decided we need joint winners this week:

Luella for the imagery accompany this reworked song reconnecting it to the classic Ghost pottery scene – absolute brilliance:

But best song line of the game has to be this Oasis nod from Stan which is just SO SO SO SO SO great! Well played, sir!

Edit: Just saw this one from John Lane and it deserves to be right up at the top so i’m adding it in:

And well played everybody – you can see how super hard it was to choose and anyone who made it into this post was amazing but i do feel like the F.L.O.P. SIXTEEN deserved their spots as well while others were unlucky not to be there [looking at you Mamba Mia!] but what an absolutely delightful game and you know what? One of the cleanest and familyest we have had which just goes to show we can do this stuff and still be brilliant!

Huge shoutout to The UnNamed Ones who are a great behind-the-scenes crew and a bunch of really amazing people from all around the world – you guys rock!

See you next Wed at 1pm South African and 6am EST for another great keep-the-WIT-in-the-Twitterer game

love brett Fish and No_bob [the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin]

[To see Part I of the F.L.O.P. with the invite and many of the verifieds that played, click here]

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