Who was the first person to look at the udders of a cow and think to themselves, “Let me squeeze those and drink whatever comes out!”? And more importantly perhaps, what else had they tried before that? #RedBull

[The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 1pm South African time [6am EST] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South Africa’s #1 Hashtag game and is always a lot of fun. The F.L.O.P. [or Fish List Of Prizeworthyness] is the collection of some of the best tweets from each week’s game and is what all seriously comedic Hashtaggers aspire to…]

We’d been watching @ItsHelenT for a while, not in a stalkery way, but in a we-appreciate-those-tweets kind of way, and so we were super amped when she agreed to co-host with us.

Taking that initial cow question we wondered what other experiments might have happened and what Nature Food Experiments did not make it to the table…

So we sent out an invite and some examples:

And Helen quickly made an appearance on to the board with Pun points for days:

And then there were all of you, combining your forces of creativity and possible what might have been a confession or two to come up with this week’s:


Jimish started us off with this graphic description:

While Barry had no idea why his didn’t take off:

Not even the Dutch could make this one work:

While this one from Tali had us gasping for air:

Soulcandy had one i don’t think i’ve ever even considered:

While K Dawg had a not so startling revelation:

Trust John to go there:

V had a classic that came so so close:

pH1 offered a recipe passed down for generations:

Tyler managed to find a way to make jerky even more undesirable [this coming from a biltong man]:

With Melissa also making some waves with that theme:

Ross entered the fray with another classic:

While it felt like John was really reaching here:

Melissa suggested this delicacy:

While Patch squeaked this one in:

Geoff’s suggestion felt like it came from experience:

Tali was back with a more exotic styled dish:

While Cool Chris proved a killer with this cereal:

Off the cuff didn’t seem to realise that all dates are bad dates [works with raiSINs too!]

Cath scores some clever points for this grab:

While Cooking Gal made our noses turn up at this suggestion:

It’s tough with a game like this because the good suggestions at the same time are so bad [cos that’s the point, right?] and so well done for being so bad and gross and weird everyone. But turns out there was badder, grosser and weirder as we shall see in this week’s F.L.O.P. FIVE

[5] Dogma brought some shade:

[4] While Whanau Guy was just saying it like he saw it:

[3] Jimmy gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse to not accept:

[2] While Paul was Smurfing up a treat:

[1] But the tweet that got our attention and had us standing to our feet [metaphorically of course] and stood head and shoulder above the rest, has to go to this week’s absolutely brilliantly crafted and presented tweet, which was definitely NOT a wookie error:

Possibly one of the strangest games we have run for a while and yet you still managed to get creative and stay family and come up with a lot of [at times cringeworthy] fun and madness and so thanks for playing. Huge Shoutout to Helen for a great co-host and The UnNamed Ones for doing what they do.

Til the next time which will likely be on a Wed at 1pm South African time or 6am EST

Let’s keep the WIT in the Twitterer…

love brett fish