Let’s get behind our team and win this thing: #TwoTeamsTwoCupsOneNation

There is likely to be one chance in the history of the world for one country to hold both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups at the same time - it's time to REALLY get behind our boys. The job is halfway done. Like everyone else, i was SUPER BUMMED when we lost so badly to India yesterday, although likely more so. i like to think of myself as South Africa's biggest cricket fan, [...]

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Rugby World Cup: Good or Bad? Or some measure of both?

South Africa are the World Cup Rugby champions [of the world, as Queen might add, but possibly not the queen, as we completely smashed her side!] which is a really good thing. Or a really bad thing. Depending on who you speak to. For starters, when the squad was announced and this photo was taken, you could be forgiven as a stranger to the sport and the country, for thinking this is not a [...]

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