i remember a time many years ago when eating disorders came into the light in a big way and things like Anorexia and Bulimia were spoken about quite a lot, they became popular youth group topics and were highlighted in the media with high profile models and Hollywood celebrities bringing light on to it but almost in one way glorifying it – in a sick way it became almost like an in thing to do to receive attention and media hype and care and concern from everyone until it could be beaten.

years later and i can’t remember the last time i heard much about it at all – oh sure it gets a mention on the odd People magazine cover when they are questioning the possibility of this or that actress suffering from it – but in churches and in youth groups and in the general media, i have not seen as much attention on it as there used to be… at least until i read my friend Roxanne’s blog and realised that just because we are not talking about it or noticing it as much does not mean it is not there.

eating disorders seem to be one of the most secretive of afflictions and affect the person as a whole as they spend so much time and energy trying to cover it up and make as if everything is normal – there is a lot of shame attached [both in the reasons why they get caught up in it and the fact that now they have] and so it is not easy to bring it out into the light and reduce its power and start on the long road to healing and wellness.

i imagine this is an area where community is essential. people who will not judge you but will commit to walking the long, difficult road ahead and be there for tears, slip-ups and just general love and understanding [or love when not understanding].

i am hoping that by having some friends of mine share parts of their journey in these areas that others might be encouraged to speak out [to people you trust] and start on their own journeys of healing and restoration. thank you to everyone who has risked big and been so brave to let us in to get a real glimpse of how an eating disorder affected your life:

BULIMIA: read the story of my friend Roxanne Rhoda