Taboo Topics: Cancer [Intro]

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Taboo Topics: Cancer [Intro]

Cancer is a beast!

it used to be this far off distant disease that you heard about and was pretty scary, but i’ll bet you most people these days know someone who has been through it, is currently suffering from it or undergoing treatment, or knows a number of people who have died from it.

my gran, Doris Anderson, died of skin-cancer related issues. as did my uncle David Anderson. and then just recently my 30 year old cousin, Laura Anderson Markle [David’s daughter], who had only been married for such a short time, was diagnosed with cancer and died within about six months. my best friend and one of my best men from our wedding, Rob LLoyd, has just finished his second round of chemo and been cleared from the cancer that was inflicting him… and i could name many more.

it is a beast. and a violent one at that. and it does a lot of secret and savage violence and fortunately medical advances are happening all the time and so hopefully doctors are getting better and better at dealing with it.

but i think it has been a bit of a Taboo Topic – it is unpleasant and scary and so we would rather not talk about it and just pretend that it’s not there and secretly hope and pray that it will go away.

and how do we deal with someone who has cancer? do we ask questions? can we? should we not mention it? is humour allowed in any form or measure? are we allowed to ask them about their long-term plans? can we help? should we help? or do we go on as if life is normal?

i am hoping that as some people share their stories here, whether firsthand or perhaps stories of loved ones, that we will start to better understand and be able to talk about some of the related issues. after all it is very real and prevalent and maybe there are people you know who have cancer who really need you to be able to be the person they talk to, confide in or whose shoulder they borrow from time to time.

the purpose of this Taboo Topics series is to let you know that you are not alone. there is a light. and there are many people who have walked this road and are walking it and will offer you support wherever you may be on it:

meet Aaron Fullerton – writer for hit show Graceland who survived testicular cancer and managed to find some humour and insight in his blogging about it

meet Wendy and Xylon van Eyck – Xylon has been struggling against lymphoma

meet Noemi and Zofeya – four year old Zofeya diagnosed with brain tumour

meet Heather Martin [specifically speaking to friends of cancer sufferers]

meet Robert Martin [specifically to caregivers of cancer sufferers]

meet Ray Ferrer, artist extraordinaire – this is a memorial testimony for an incredibly strong man who i met online

an article i read in the Los Angeles times which gives some good advice/principles for not saying the wrong thing

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  1. Noemi Dorgu November 26, 2014 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Hi, my name is Noemi and last year my 4 year old daughter Zofeya was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.
    To say that our life changed in this one moment is an understatement and the last 16 months have been the most challenging in our lives.
    She had major brain surgery, lost all abilities to communicate and move afterwards and had to re-learn everything, she had 30 session of radiotherapy under general anaesthetic and 3 weeks ago finished her last cycle of chemotherapy after more than a year.
    Two days ago we were told she is in remission and there is no trace of cancer left. We’re thrilled.
    It’s still a long journey ahead (and I could go on and on which I have at times on Zofeya’s blog: but God carried us through.
    It’s been the biggest ‘trust exercise’ we had to learn and I will continue having to learn to trust him, even if I often don’t understand (I have seen babies diagnosed with cancer and know families whose kids have lost the battle to cancer).
    Today I posted on youtube a little video where I asked Zofeya and her brother Malacai about their experience of the last 16 months. I wanted to give them a voice after I filled pages and pages about the experience from a parents perspective. Thought I attach the link.

    • brettfish January 7, 2015 at 7:34 am - Reply

      Hi Noemi

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you – really wanted to give this proper attention – busy watching the video now – thank you so much for sharing – really seems like it has been a tough journey for your family.

      All the best
      love brett fish

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