This started as a status for the ‘book but got way too long…

Guess who’s back? [what follows is a quote from fcuk brett]

“Brett Brett Brett!! I notice you’re copying my posts on your FB wall. How do I know that? Because I’m on your friendslist, and your political doctrinated propoganda is sickening, as I’m also in the ministry and would not allow you near my church here in Cape Town. Was nice church hopping at your church once but you must be exposed.

All lives matter in case you wondered.”

= = = = = = =

#1 i’m not sure why you are on my friend list, cos clearly you do not understand the meaning of the word ‘friend’

# i’m not sure why you are in ministry in Cape Town cos clearly writing anonymous messages under the pseudonym fcukbrett demonstrates the love of Jesus so well and at the same time a hatred of the grandma police – do you feel like it doesn’t count because you mix up the letters [although every time you look at it you’re still saying the word, right? Or is that okay?]

# Do you honestly feel like you are doing a service to anyone because there is clear biblical teaching on how to approach someone you feel is in error and i’m pretty sure it doesn’t mention attacking their music or their hair. Chill bro.

# You are a coward. That is really all. You can’t mention your name because it will put huge shade on whatever church let’s someone like you be in ministry.

# Also not quite sure how secret messages to my blog under an assumed name are exposing me, but there are better ways. Maybe if you put something into the bulletin of your church just to make sure everyone else is safe. Or start a private group on Facebook cos i have no doubt you can find others who think the way you do.

# All lives absolutely matter which shows that perhaps you are only reading the headings of my blog [there is more writing underneath] – what the point of a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag shows is a call for black lives to matter as much as white lives. We have never ever needed a hashtag #WhiteLivesMatter because no-one has ever suspected for a second that white lives do not matter. By refusing to take any time to seriously engage with this stuff you are doing yourself and those you minister to a huge disservice and you probably think the gospel message means put up your hand, go to the front and ask Jesus into your heart instead of acknowledging and repenting of your sin and starting to live a transformed life directed by Christ.

# You are toxic. The only reason i want to know who you are – the only one, cos you really don’t matter to me more than this – is to somehow get a warning to the people in your church – you are not leading them as Christ would and i seriously am concerned for their well-being if someone who operates like you in this matter is the one responsible for feeding them truth.

# If you are genuinely concerned about me reveal yourself and sit across a table from me and share a cup of coffee and let me know what’s really going on. That tends to be how Jesus and Paul and others in the bible dealt with people who thought and behaved differently from them. This secret troll stuff is nonsense.

p.s. i don’t think you quite understand how much i enjoy all of this, so if you think you’re making me cry myself to sleep at night, you really have to try a whole lot harder…