Blessed are those who clamp down on appropriation…

/, South Africa/Blessed are those who clamp down on appropriation…

Blessed are those who clamp down on appropriation…

…for they will have to wear their own hand-made crap. Or something.

This whole appropriation thing is quite confusing to me and feels a little dangerous with the chief danger being hypocrisy. It feels like a speck plank thing. If you are going to accuse someone else of appropriating your culture then you better be well sure that all the stuff you have was made by “your people” whatever that means.

When i was a kid i was taught a lesson that in essence could be summed up as ‘Sharing is caring’ – and surely that is the lesson that flies in the face of appropriation conversations – appropriation is me, my, mine. Sharing is we, our, ours.

We should be slow to mock Donald Trump in putting up walls when we all seem to be so busy drawing barrier lines around our stuff, our things, our traditions, our words, our pain.

Walls are effective in that they keep people out. But walls are also devastating in that they keep people out.

i think this one needs a whole lot more thought…

[Just a little by the way, if legend is to be believed, the first gatsby was accidentally created in 1976 by Rashaad Pandy – or so the story goes. According to Pandy, he serendipitously invented the gatsby in the 70s after putting together a few odds and ends comprising a Portuguese roll, hot chips, polony and atchar to feed a few hungry workers.

How me, my, mine of him!]

What are your thoughts on Cultural Appropriation? Is it something that can be easily defined? Or policed? And should it? 

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