Before the name-calling begins…

//Before the name-calling begins…

Before the name-calling begins…

So you hear or read something that feels offensive to you…


A challenge perhaps, or a question that has been posed. Something that contains a phrase that brings up all sorts of emotions in you – maybe something like “white privilege” or “feminism”, something like “liberal” or “racist” or “#AllMen” or a number of other words or phrases or ideas that provoke you.


Before you get angry or defensive or feel the need to block or unfriend or dismiss or call names.

Try this…


Just ask the question, “Is it, or any of it, true?” 


If you’re really feeling brave then invite people who know you, who you know care about you and love you and will be honest with you if you let them, to help you answer that question: Does this relate to anything in me?

And if so, commit to doing something about it.

And if not, if none of it seems true or real or maybe about you personally, then move on… not everything that needs to be changed needs to be changed in you.


This is how you will literally change the world.

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Brett Fish is a lover of life, God, tbV [the beautiful Valerie] and owns the world's most famous stuffed dolphin, No_bob (who doesn't bob). He believes that we are all responsible for making the world a significantly better place for everyone.

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