You’re saying #ImStaying but you’re playing

If you’re not also up for

wailing against the flailing 

arms and bodies broken 

words spoken

lives token

constant poking

embers smoking

am i joking?



i don’t expect you’ll understand

In fact you cannot hear because your head is in the sand

[But the moment that i pointed that out, Boom! i was banned!] 

That move was my prerogative

You were not being positive

We try to keep it light in here

So don’t come bring your slight in here

The negatives just disappear

And colourblindness is our cheer

You are the one who’s missing out

On all the joy we are about


And now you can no longer see

These pictures that display our glee

My domestic worker and me

Together in this family

You questioning our sisterhood? You must be smoking ganja

Then how come she is the one who has priv’lege of toilet plunger?

Let’s take a moment now to discuss who’s being neurotic

Cos i’m sick and tired of hearing you don’t think i’m patriotic

When you said i do not do the work, you know that really hurt?

Especially cos i already have bought my #Staying shirt


So post your pics of overseas

You haven’t flown yet? Brother, please.

Your time will come, until then, shame

Perhaps give me African name.

Let’s keep it light and comfortable

Sit by the fire and just chill

Just breathe in deep and have your fill

Do not dig deep and don’t speak ill




Please, stay away from the window…

Lest you accidentally look outside.

And catch a glimpse...