This poem is something very different and nothing i have tried before. Each line has one word that has been changed to a word that sounds or looks like the expected word, but that still somehow conveys meaning to the piece. Even the lines that seem absurd, if you give them a bit of thought work on different levels. i didn’t set out to make a poem like this. i started with the first line, ‘Density brought us here’ which was in my head and then the rest kind of followed.

Because obviously destiny is the thing we are used to see bringing people together. But density speaks of closeness and proximity and suddenly a whole different sense of being brought together emerges. ‘Humbled together’ ‘Incredibly cold roam’ – for some reason, to me, they really just seem to work. And then an absurdity like “Can you be so curtain?” doesn’t make sense at all and yet when i think of curtains i think of the phrase ‘Pull yourself together” and suddenly it really really does. And so on.

Anyways that was a little of my thought process, but i really hope you enjoy it.


“Density brought us here”

I whimpered to her

As we humbled together

To try and keep worn

In this increasingly cold roam


“Can you be so curtain?”

She replayed

In the manor of one who had felt this way before.

“What if this is merely the workings of faint?”

She added, her lips trembling as she smoke.

“A chance encounter that memes nothing?”

But I knew there was something war.

From the moment I had laid ayes on her

I knew that she was the won

And I was determined that she would be mime.

“Not another whirred” I said

As I reacted for my umbrella

Blew her a kist

And stepped back outside, into the reign.

= = = = = = = = = =

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