Time for a bit of a character check-in, friends.
If you are planning or scheming ways in which you can ‘get around’ the lockdown enforcement happening for the next three weeks [albeit for jogging or dogs or secretly meeting up with your girlfriend when you go buy your food at the same store] then you are clearly not understanding the reason for it. Please stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself some good questions that involve character and integrity and not being a selfish individual putting your own ‘needs’ ahead of other people’s lives.
We only have an indication of how badly South Africa is infected already [number of, access to and expense of the tests] and so the actual number is going to be WAY higher than what has been announced. The purpose of the lockdown [as i see it] is to slow down the spreading of it by limiting the number of people [and places and potentially infected surfaces] we all come into contact with. 
We need to remember that the lockdown will not produce immediate results. This graph from Italy which has been one of the worst hit countries gives us an indication of the possible drop-off to expect.
character lockdown graph

Unpacking the Graph

Philip Donald: Looks like new cases peaked twelve days after lockdown, 13th day they started coming down.

Philip Donald: Based on our trajectory, we may peak with somewhere between 1800 and 2400 new cases before coming down. I hope that reflects reality in our case.

So this is a time when we really need to move away from the individualistic thinking most of us grew up with or were encouraged to have. The idea that THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME! There is a degree of this that relates to you and your health and safety and that of your family and loved ones.

But this is also so much huger than that. The elderly and the immuno-compromised [in this country HIV+ and TB are particularly at risk] and the poor [because of proximity of living conditions, lack of access to clean water and all the measures needed to curb this thing or access to medical treatment or ability to isolate away from people and more] are those who are hugely at risk. Our selfish or greedy or thoughtless actions could be putting them at risk.

Words from my friend Rooi Chi on Facebook:

Imagine being forced to stay inside a cramped shack for 21 days. Just imagine. 😢

My heart weeps. 💔 It’s so awful.

We are so very privileged so kindly STFU about needing to go for a jog. 😠

You have a comfortable home. The majority of South Africans DON’T. Most of the above probably don’t even own a comfortable couch/bed.

So shut up already.

i’ve said it before and will no doubt say it again that THIS TIME IS BRINGING OUT THE VERY BEST AND THE VERY WORST OF PEOPLE. There is an opportunity for you to dig deep and grow your character and integrity and be on the lookout for how you can assist others at this time. Be that person.

Don’t be the person who is complaining about how hard this is, especially if you are living wealthy and have space and resources and access. Don’t be the person who is planning to ignore the lockdown. Be the best South African and human you can be right now. The whole country needs us to suck it up and get ahead of this thing as best as we are able.

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