As we start a new week we still have some more Life during Lockdown posts. Today we have Irma Oosthuizen who is going to answer the 4 questions from her perspective:

My name is Irma, and I am a wife, mom, accountant and sometimes I feel like my inner child is more out than in.

Question 1: What has your experience of lockdown been so far?

I work from home, and my husband is a farmer, so he still works as well. Mostly what has changed for us, is that we have to manage spending time with the kids in between working and trying to keep on top of household tasks. I don’t go anywhere and we find more things to in and around the house. My work as an accountant has increased insanely, as everyone is very scared, frustrated, and there are a lot of applications for funding and UIF etc.

Irma Oosthuizen lockdown

Question 2: What are some of the ways that you have felt connected to people?

As a family, we all find more time to talk to each other – we spend a lot of time on driving and errands etc, and suddenly we have more time to talk to people. I have become very aware of our surplus and other people’s needs, be it, financial or emotional needs. I do feel that when everyone is facing the same situations, it gives a stronger feeling of hope.

We also start to listen more to others and have to rely less on ourselves – I have never spoken so much to my clients – and a lot is not necessarily work related. It is just sharing concerns and making plans and encouraging each other. The few times I went out to the shops, i got to chat to some of the people that are working- like car guards etc, and it is so nice to hear their stories and listen to their concerns.

Question 3: What are you most anxious or fearful about right now?

Everything changes constantly and I feel so responsible for all my clients and their workers. We are all learning new things and new processes and it is stressful. I am anxious about the future of our country. I think the uncertainty of not knowing makes most people stressed.

Trying to do a good job with my clients, being a good mom, being a good wife makes me anxious because you constantly feel like you are failing at all of it. I am scared that people will go so hungry that a lot of people will get hurt and that violence in our country will escalate.

Irma Oosthuizen lockdown

Question 4: What is something that you have found inspiring or uplifting during lockdown?

Even though we are working long hours, we are spending more time together as a family. I can see that so many people (including us) are learning that we have to trust on the Lord and that instant gratification is something of the past – and it is good.

We are so much more aware of our privilege and why we have it – to share … and it is such a great feeling to be able to do so. Discipline has huge rewards. It is nice not to feel so rushed all the time. For the first time, it feels like we as a country has a stronger sense of community and I feel that we have more pride in our country and our president.

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Thank you Irma Oosthuizen, for giving us a glimpse into your world at the moment.

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