What has Life during Lockdown been like? After a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to be a doctor, i came up with this idea.

Simply ask for some South Africans who would be up to answering four simple questions around how they have experienced Lockdown so far.

They were tasked with providing me with a one-sentence bio of whatever they would like to put in it, a photo of themselves of any time in their life whatsoever and to answer four questions…

Life during Lockdown questions:

Question 1: What has your experience of lockdown been so far?

Question 2: What are some of the ways that you have felt connected to people?

Question 3: What are you most anxious or fearful about right now?

Question 4: What is something that you have found inspiring or uplifting during lockdown?

How would you answer those questions? We will be hearing from some of my Facebook friends this coming week. Hopefully, this will help us to realise the power of story [i know your name but do i know your story?] and also help us to see each other a little…

How has life during lockdown been for you? 

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