Welcome to Life during Lockdown with a bit of a twist. i asked some parents to post the same questions to their children and here are some of their responses:

My friend Beben Cadman sent this: my nephew Mika’il’s response. He is six:

Question 1: What has your experience of lockdown been so far?

Good, lot of stuff to do at home.

Question 2: What are some of the ways that you have felt connected to people?

Call and face time with family and friends.

Question 3: What are you most anxious or fearful about right now?

The dark.

Question 4: What is something that you have found inspiring or uplifting during lockdown?

Building Legos, and being my mother’s colleague, dancing, singing, being a funny person by doing comedy, being with my granny.

Do you have anything you would like to say to all South Africans?

Stay alive, Stay safe, stay protected, stay on the ground and don’t fly, stay courageous!
Epic stuff, Mika’il. You stay safe. Best part of that for me is seeing his biggest fear right now as the dark.

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With the photos we are using for the children we have been intentional in terms of safety. The ones we have been given here really catch the essence of the child though which is amazing. For this second story, my friend Alexa and her oldest who is going by his nickname:

BATMAN – turns 5 in June:

Big brother to an 18 month & lives with his social worker mom, headhunter/ specialist recruiter dad and Thor, the most patient dog in the world. 

Q1:  What has lockdown been like so far?

I haven’t liked it.  It’s been horrible not being allowed to go to the beach or to the shops, or see friends.

Q2: What has helped us stay connected?

Dance parties, Supper Times (where we ask what was good/ what was tricky/ what made you feel loved and where did you see God today), Story Times, Play Times, Whatsapp/ Zoom with friends and family.

Q3: What worries you the most?

When is this virus going to stop?  How will my birthday party work?  When will we go to the beach again?

Q4: What have you liked?

Dance Parties
Outside play time
Baking Feeling Faces cupcakes

Mom’s inputThe coronacoaster has been real for my boys as much as it’s been real for us.  Feelings have been big and the first outing for a walk to see everyone with masks and wearing masks was a bit overwhelming.

Batman has asked insightful questions re the food donations he has helped sort, questions about why so many of the hungry people are brown skinned and needed some extra TLC at times to cope with the big feelings.

He has been a real superhero in terms of learning new ways of managing himself and while that doesn’t mean everyday is breezy, it’s been a gift to see this guy grow more and more into himself. Wrestling, pillow fights and all!

lockdown batman

Thank you so much Mika’il and Batman, two voices of lockdown children – you guys stay safe, you hear?

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