You don’t like my hair

“It’s kak!” you say

And i feel so fortunate

That you stopped by here today


You see i really didn’t know, that i had “Antifa Hair”

And it’s only cos of someone nice like you who shows they care

So many other passers got distracted by

My pursuit of Justice that they missed that speck right in my eye

But not you, no, you boldly logged on

And like the bull in the china stop you bellowed, i was wrong


I need to change cos of the stand that i am taking

The purple-green stance my political-hair’s making

i knew i had to thank you, but my search it was in vain

Cos for some inexplicable reason you used a fake name

Now that seemed a little strange, you know, i got to confess

But then it coincided well with that made-up email address


For someone who seems so eager to make sure things aren’t amiss

You are commended on your efforts to stay so anonymous

If i leave this message at your bridge, will you get the statement

Or would you prefer it hand delivered right to your mom’s basement?