The Pandemic Life of 2020 has not stopped Marcel’s from being creative!

Last time we visited it was for the new Peanut Butter flavour which we really enjoyed and this time the voucher arrived just in time for my mate Mike’s birthday. So i headed down to Blue Route Mall in a social distancing fashion and i met Mike there to try out Marcel’s new limited edition Peppermint Tart flavour. [SPOILER ALERT: If this one doesn’t become a permanent flavour any time soon then i just really don’t know!]

Braaid Marshmallow

Marcel’s have actually been experimenting with TWO brand new flavours in the past two weeks and i’m blaming 2020 and still kicking myself for having woken up too late to try the truly mind-tingling flavour of Braaid Marshamallow which they just had in their stories a week or so ago.

i may have missed out, but it looks and sounds delicious.

braaid marshmallow

While i imagine a flavour like Braai’d Marshmallow is probably a little more of a polariser [the more unique a flavour the less brave people are to sometime discover the magic it might be] there was no doubt in my mind that Peppermint Tart was going to be an absolute hit with me.

Peppermint Tart

Deciding this time to just go for the Peppermint Tart and not change up its taste with any companion flavours [except of course for topping- it’s Marcel’s – you HAVE to go for toppings!] i grabbed a medium tub and a couple of scoops, dusted it with a little fudge and some chocolate sauce [i really am all about the blend!] took a pic or two and then dived into it.

And it was GOOD! 

Marcels Peppermint Tart

Honestly, not much more needs to be said here. Transkei Mud [as the popular peppermint cream biscuit dessert is often known] is a favourite to so many people and apart from a small group of people who don’t do mint, this thing will sell itself. Which is why you should get down to Marcels ASAP as this is only going to be in stores for the NEXT TWO DAYS – LIMITED EDITION FLAVOUR, BABY!!!!

That’s right! This is one of the two flavours Marcels released in a short run to celebrate Heritage Day and i have no doubt it will be back, but there is no excuse to miss it this time round. Today or tomorrow, get yourself to your nearest Marcels and treat your mouth and stomach to the heavenly flavour.

i left completely satisfied and i have no doubt you will. And i imagine begging Marcels to hurry up and add it as a more regular flavour.

What are you waiting for? Hurry on down…

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