i was the casual victim of a stoning today…


started innocently enough

with one elder tossing an underhanded pebble

defensively at me

which i might have easily been able to brush off

and go about my day as if nothing significant had happened…


but then a single solitary rock

came flying silently almost out of nowhere

taking me quite by surprise

knocking me off my feet

and  wounding me quite significantly

(if only it had been a little boulder)


and then faster than you can bleat “sticks and stones”

a barrage of missiles

each deadlier than the last

were launched in my direction

as if the weight of saying nothing

had been enough to press the buttons…


the one who had declared the war

seemed completely oblivious

to the violence his thoughtless act had invited

as he was too busy being triumphantly carried away

on the shoulders of those who had tried so desperately

not to get involved


= = = = = = = = = =


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