was it just me or did anyone else watching the latest Leon Shuster movie notice the two BLATANT thieveries he committed from that brilliant show ‘Trigger Happy’ from the UK [think man in snail suit crawling across pedestrian crossing in front of a growing irate stream of traffic or else people in giant animal suits beating each other up and of course the giant cellphone and nokia ringtone – “HELLO, WHAT? NO I’M IN A LIBRARY. IT’S RUBBISH”]

pulling the traffic over into a no stopping zone as a traffic officer and then giving them a fine cos “you can’t park here sir, it’s a double yellow” – only difference was Dom Joly picked on okes at traffic lights or stuck in traffic and didn’t actually pull them over but same gag

and then interviewing famous people (Tony ‘Baldrick’ Robinson, Ken Livingstone (mayor of London), Terry ‘Monty Python’ Gilliam and so on) vs (Helen Zille, Allan Boesak, Rob van Vuuren) with someone walking into the shot and being repeatedly asked to move out and then having the interviewer (Joly/Shuster) beat the crap out of them with the interviewee not quite knowing what to do (except maybe for Helen Zille who launched herself between them)

oh and does anyone have Dom Joly’s email address, because…