It has been a while since i have added a new Taboo Topic so just a quick reminder: The idea behind TT was not so much topics that are taboo in and of themselves as much as it was about highlighting stories and shared experiences from a range of topics that tend not to be spoken about much. So some of them may be more taboo than others, but some are simply things we should be speaking about more.

Finding people to share about mental health issues has been a tough one because to so many that is seen as an actual taboo topic. There is a stigma attached as if it was their fault or something, which is absolutely ridiculous and so i am super stoked that i have finally found someone to share, and i am hoping it will be the first story of many. The more we talk about these things the more normal they become and i have no doubt that through this first story, others who have walked a similar path will be encouraged and hopefully inspired to share some of their journey.

First up will be Ross Moorhouse, giving us a glimpse into life with his mom.

A good friend of mine diagnosed with Bipolar II shares the significance of a tattoo

Hilary Mushambi shares about living with a mom with schizophrenia