Cape Town Water Day Zero approaches rapidly with April 12th being the latest prediction.

And people are talking about it everywhere… and there is some really helpful stuff… and so i thought it might help if we collected a bunch of it together for easy access, you know, like 25L water bottles in that one guy’s trolley!

If you find any of these links helpful, please pass them on and feel free to share them via your social media channels as well as adding to them in the comments section below…

Three super helpful Facebook Groups to be a part of:

i imagine there are probably more, but there groups that looks to be super helpful in terms of finding out helpful and more accurate information as well as getting connected to companies that can help you with water-saving devices and possibly even water itself are:

Water Shedding South Africa 

The Smile Water Warriors of course linked to Smile FM who have been doing an amazing job

Water Shortage South Africa which looks to coordinate the water distributing processes

Some of the Posts i have written or shared on the matter:

i have written or shared a number of stories relating to different aspects of the water journey including some tips from a family of four and how they managed to reduce their water usage dramatically

A two-part story of my sister-in-law Shana in terms of her success at reducing her waterprint followed by a dramatic realisation

My own take on the realisation moment of thinking about all of those who this has been their daily reality for much longer than any of us

A special piece written specifically for the Christians who decided that a call to prayer is what was needed at this time.

A few introductory thoughts about the longer conversations that need to start happening with regards to these things.

Other helpful resources

Today i recorded a Facebook Live chat to sum up a number of these things as well as posing the somewhat controversial question or pondering about all of the many people we have in the world and what that means in the future as resources diminish…

Finally, i stumbled across this blog piece by Helen Moffett with a whole number of different suggestion worth taking a look at in terms of what to do, how to do it, how to go about surviving this mess.

Some super valuable things, and i would love to know more. Which blog piece or article, webpage, group or story have you found most helpful, informative or moving in terms of steps forward in the water crisis? Please share them in the comments so we can continue to create a comprehensive means of informing as many people as possible about all the options and ideas out there.

Stay safe Cape Town. And let’s try our best to stay unified in all this!