A quick massage from our sponsors

//A quick massage from our sponsors

A quick massage from our sponsors

On Friday i drove to the MyMassage studio in Greenpoint for a massage. A one-hour massage. A free one-hour massage. The very best kind.

In fact, if you head over to their website right now [and for the next two weeks or so] you can book your first massage for 50% off which is a super great deal and they have some other package deals that are worth taking a look at.

i remember telling someone just before i went for my massage that i would help them think of some ideas for something that they were trying to come up with and then followed that with, “i’m about to go and get an hour-long massage and so i will have a lot of time to just think about this thing” – well, let’s just say that did not happen. Because from the moment my massage started i was not thinking about anyone else’s stuff that’s for sure. i was totally caught up in the relaxation and vibe of the present circumstance.

A Comprehensive Form

So if you’re looking for highlights and lowlights the form for the massage is probably both of those. What was really great about it was that it was so comprehensive that it really gave me peace of mind that these people know what they are talking about. What was hard for me personally was that i suck with choice so did i want a massage to relieve stress or to relax or to work out specific aches or pains? i don’t know and so yes i did write ‘Surprise me!’ on my form.

There was even a question asking if there were any areas i did not want massaged and yes, just because i’m forty-something doesn’t disqualify me from writing ‘Naughty Bits’ in that section. i also have a distinct pain in my right middle finger on one particular spot which if i touch it sends me through the roof and so i added that in, but suspected that after writing ‘Naughty Bits’ the idea of my right middle finger might also seem like some kind of joke. But when it came to the hands, she totally avoided the fingers on my right hand while giving those on my left hand a full workout. So that really impressed me. There were even four diagrams of the body where you can indicate areas you would like them to focus on or where you can indicate where your pain or discomfort is.

So that felt good to me heading into the massage room – these guys are legit, yo!

The Massage

The massage itself was so great for a Friday afternoon as well and, as mentioned, it was just an hour of full body relaxation. The moment i lay down on the bed and waited for my masseuse to return to the room i actually thought to myself, “You know what? i could just lie here for an hour with no massage and be completely happy!” The idea of no phone or screen or people and just complete rest and calm. But let’s be honest, getting the massage was definitely better than that particular scenario.

Now this could be a plus or a negative for some people but for me, it was an absolute win – that the first time i heard my masseuse’s voice was when she asked me to turn over half way through the massage. No awkwardness of forced conversation or feeling like i have to put that kind of effort in. Just the focus on working on my body and letting me lie there and enjoy it. And it was great.

i can’t complain about the massage i received at all because it was so amazingly relaxingful and thorough. i do think if i was to go again i would have asked for a deeper massage but that was definitely the fault of my vagueness on the comprehensive form. But i do like it to really go deep and be on the verge of feeling painful and so next time around that is what i will ask for. But in terms of just the all round experience, the music and the bed [SO comfortable!] and the process and the woman who did the massage were all just absolutely great and combined to make it such a pleasant experience.

i can highly recommend it.

Go get yourself a massage [50% off!]

The reason i received a free massage in the first place was that MyMassage has just opened in Greenpoint [it can be found in the Greenpoint Mews centre, 99 Main Road] and are wanting to be discovered as they set out to establish themselves which i don’t doubt they will be able to do.

So check them out and if you get to them before the middle of this month you can try out your first massage for half price and take it from there.

Thank you MyMassage for an amazing experience – set me up so nicely for the weekend and all the best as you establish yourselves as a go to place in that part of Cape Town.

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