Blessed are the Uncomfortable

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Blessed are the Uncomfortable

…for they will see change! 

i had an epiphany this morning that if more of us were a little more okay with being uncomfortable, we could completely revolutionise the world.

When it comes to race conversations or men treating women better or even religious or political discussions, the moment someone starts to feel a little bit uncomfortable they usually find a quick way to end things or get back to more ‘safer territory’.

Where does that come from?

Whoever taught us to do whatever we can to avoid uncomfortable spaces and conversations did us a disservice.

Uncomfortable quote










It is a remarkable skill to be able to engage with someone who thinks so strongly differently from you and not feel the need to lash out or disengage. But to listen and to consider and to see if there is any truth in what they are saying, even if you don’t agree with the whole of it. What can i learn here?

The same goes for whoever told us silence is a bad thing.

How do you do on both of these? Uncomfortable spaces and awkward silences? Do you embrace, dive in or run like the wind? 


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