It’s time for a new series of Tips. #40TipsForChristFollowers

What started very successfully as 40 tips for white people who are asking the question, ‘But what can I do?’ moved into a series on 40 Tips for married people hoping to do marriage better. A lot of people seemed to find a lot of the suggestions helpful and it wasn’t so much about agreeing with all 40 tips in each case as it was about asking: Are there some ideas here that might help me live better? If you found five really good ideas that you had never considered before or else were challenged about a few things that needed changing in your life, all the better.

If there is one group of people who can use a bit of help it is the church. Because too often we replace the things of Jesus-following and kingdom of God with a Christianity that looks nothing like them, or else looks kinda like them, but is somewhat skewed.

With so many different denominations and faith practices and styles and ideas when it comes to Christianity, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be some things here that you agree with and some you really do not. That’s okay. Me writing a tip doesn’t make it right just as much as you disagreeing with a tip doesn’t make it wrong. Hopefully you will approach these with an open mind and consider the things you disagree with and engage with them and hopefully there will be an opportunity for you and me to both learn some things.

And be better at following Jesus. Which is what this whole church/kingdom thing is all about.

As always i invite you to SHARE any of the tips you feel are helpful and true, and to tag your friends and church leaders in any you feel might be good for them to read or that they might be willing to respond to.

For the next 40 or so days, i hope that i will be sharing some ideas that teach you some things, remind you of some things, help you unlearn some things and start practising some things. As we seek to follow Jesus and be more like Him, let’s use these tips as a potential opportunity to grow.

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