Why do we need 40 Tips for Men?

Today has been such a heavy day in South Africa as we heard the news so many of us were dreading about the fate of Uyinene Mrwetyana.

The How of it made it seem so very much worse. 

Which is why i thought it was essential to start up this series of tips aimed at helping men to be better than we currently are. Hopefully so much better.

And i don’t know that a 40 tip series that i write and share on social media is going to make all that much difference. But there is always the hope that something will strike a chord in one. And that one will pass it on to another. And men will start thinking. And hopefully acting. And stepping in to stop the spiral of violence that we tend to enact on the women and children around us. Through obvious and more subtle ways.

So while i will continue to do what i can – in online and offline spaces – to #NotOnOurWatch actively interrupt any of this kind of anti-women nonsense when i see it, and will brainstorm and have conversations with men to try and figure out how better we can act, this is one way of making a number of statements that will help to give men even less excuse to ever be able to say, “We didn’t know!”

i am hoping the community of men will help me fashion these tips so that we cover all of the things so please feel free to add in and comment and share stories and different perspectives, but above all please be sharing these posts and tagging in your men friends, especially those you know need to hear these kinds of things.

Stay focused as i build up this collection of 40 Tips for Men.

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