Val and i just celebrated our 11th year anniversary with a few days away in Citrusdal.

i went with great intention of spending some time getting back into poetry. Armed with my pend and my journal.

Sadly, the two pens i picked were not quite equal to the intention and i managed to barely scratch out these two short ones before they both gave up the ghost.

Don't be a maskhole

D – droplets lie in wait
O – on a surface recently touched
N – not picky about who they choose to infect
T – taking their precious time to disperse

B – before long another one approaches
E – entitled indignation rendering their mask unnecessary

A – nd before you know it, another one carries the disease

M – magically it is passed on
A – asymptomatic unless you count the
S – stupidity or selfishness both equally on display
K – killer on the loose
H – hidden from the law
O – nly this time it is they who will count the cost
L – losing someone compromised by their own compromise
E – elderly relative pays for their fatal lack of compliance


Your prejudice casually undresses me
Leaves me standing shivering and naked
At the back of a long line
Of injustices you are oblivious to
Because of how you can’t see colour
How you can’t see me.