Sometimes Jesus threw things and sometimes He didn’t. 

As someone who tries to live a life that follows Jesus, i need to spend some time figuring this out so i can get it right.

The fortunate thing is that it actually seems quite straightforward.

When it had to do with systems and structures and people oppressing the poor and marginalised, Jesus threw tables.

In moments of vulnerability and shame and the judgement of the crowd, Jesus called for people to drop their stones, while refusing to even pick one up, choosing rather to draw a line in the sand, or perhaps simply make a reason to avert his eyes.

Much of the rest of the time we find Jesus breaking bread – with his disciples on the beach, with Zacchaeus in his home, with the drunks and the prostitutes, with his friends reclining around a table.

May i constantly be making sure that i am someone who throws more tables and less stones. With a whole lot of bread-baking and sharing in between!

Throw, Interrupt, Share

There are times to speak out against injustice and to make a stand.

There are times to interrupt injustice and model a better way.

But most of the time, there are opportunities to see people, to pause, to break bread together, to share stories about a better world that is possible. One that starts to manifest as people take more opportunities to throw, interrupt and share.