Poem: The very worst of me

As I awoke from my sleep in the middle of the night I found myself being led by a stranger Down the longest of passageways With doors on either side of us We walked silently on. After what seemed like an hour She stopped us And gestured towards the nearest door handle Inviting me to step inside. I cautiously opened the door And was instantly transported To a moment I had hoped never to [...]

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Poem: Beauty in the Eye

It felt like I had been standing there for an hour Paused Holding my hand open Standing still, almost statue-like For what seemed like an eternity But, if truth be told, It had more likely only been but a handful of seconds. Eventually the lively bee Buzzed around me one last time Before settling very casually into my palm… FLASH! In an instant, everything changed. And my inner eyes were thrust open To a [...]

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#ImStaying, but…

You're saying #ImStaying but you're playingIf you're not also up forwailing against the flailing arms and bodies broken words spokenlives tokenconstant pokingembers smokingam i joking?No! i don't expect you'll understandIn fact you cannot hear because your head is in the sand[But the moment that i pointed that out, Boom! i was banned!] That move was my prerogativeYou were not being positiveWe try to keep it light in hereSo don't come bring your slight in hereThe negatives just disappearAnd colourblindness [...]

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Brettfish on the YouTube

Brett "Fish" Anderson has a YouTube channel. Which, like my blog, contains a little bit of everything, rather than dealing with one specific topic or issue. It's a place where i like to have fun and hopefully make others laugh or smile or roll their eyes but with a joyous attitude, and it's a place i like to try use to challenge, inspire and invite people to think about living life differently. Me [...]

Poem slash Spoken Word: Come to your senses

i see you looking down your nose at the styles that comfort me and the beats that hold me close all the while wondering, but do you see ME? i watch your grip tighten painted manicured nails digging desperately into the folded fabric of your bag as you quickly cross over to the other side of the mall and wonder if you care that I went to bed hungry again last night my tattoos, [...]

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Poem: Where is this Protea Fire?

P    roteas run out on to the field for another lap of dejavu R    un-out? Another one adding insult to, well, injury O    f course we won the toss and chose the unpopular decision T    hat seems to be the order of the day, of the decay E    xpectations and disappointments will be kept to a minimum this time  A    s it looks like we were too busy [...]

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The Christ Mass

For me, Christmas is a reminder that Love came down. Love got its hands dirty. Love got involved. Love interrupted the normal flow of things. Love reached out specifically to all of those that society, culture, religion and government pushed to the sides. Love allowed itself to be interrupted while on mission. Love called out injustice. Love refused to accept the status quo. Love turned over tables in the face of greed and extortion. Love [...]

Words of ‘i don’t hate my skin’

The other day i tried my hand at a kind of spoken word piece with the title, 'i don't hate my skin' which you can watch over here. But i thought some of you might appreciate having a closer look at the words and here they are.   i don't hate my skin - by brett "Fish" anderson   I don’t hate my skin. The thought seems quite ridiculous. How could I possibly hate something [...]

i don’t hate my skin

For some reason this stuff seems to be on my mind. The other day i wrote a poem called 'Whiteness' which you can read over here. And i have a piece that i wrote when i was helping out with an exam the other day while waiting for my learner to write her paper. Which i haven't looked at again, but similar theme. And then i was working on this piece. i would love to [...]

A Poem: Whiteness by brett “Fish anderson

I am whiteness I will not condescend to your infuriating attempts to single me out as the single biggest cause of all your problems   I am whiteness You had better believe that everything I have is due to hard work and persistence After all, the silver spoon in my mouth that I was born with had ugly flecks of bronze all over its handle Who in their right mind would be satisfied with that? [...]

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