Taboo Topics: Living with HIV/Aids – Meet Ashley Brownlee

My name is Ashley Brownlee. I have been living in the Klein Karoo for over a decade now, and have found a great deal of peace amongst the big horizons and in the arms of the Milky Way. There was a time though, and it’s a difficult time to talk about, when life was not so filled with any kind of future. I hope that my story will inspire you to choose life. I contracted [...]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Colour)

black and white definitely holds something special and extra for me in terms of being able to convey the depth of thought and seriousness in the picture on the left or the heightened mystery and intrigue of the pose in the picture on the right. the shadows in both add a stronger presence to the pictures. when it comes to injecting colour though: for me the picture on the left, which has not been worked [...]

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