A huge list of Ideas for Children to help you survive slash thrive these corona virus times

Ideas for children probably get exhausted quickly during these corona virus times we are all facing!  Corona virus times are trying times for us all. But having watched a video of a child completely covered in margarine and a video of another child absolutely covered in white paint having spread it through the house, i am guessing this might be trickier for parents. i have already written a blog post looking at five things [...]

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Let a silver lining to these Corona times be discipline.

What a great time to work on discipline in the hope that it becomes habit before we return to the new normal.  We are living in a corona virus affected world. It is touching all of us. For the first time in a long, long time the entire world has found themselves on a similar page - this definitely affects different people in different ways depending on your job and economic situation and location, [...]

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Five practical ways to spend your Corona Virus practical-distancing time

In light of yesterday's corona virus post which gave some helpful information and strategy in terms of dealing with covid-19, i thought it might be helpful to drop some ideas for those of us who are trying to take this thing seriously without giving in to the panic: [1] Visit a Museum or take part in an online cultural experience: There are various online virtual tours you can take of museums and other cultural spaces [...]

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