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Revisiting Angus Buchan: time to share some stories…

It has been exactly three months since i posted about the Angus Buchan prayer time in Bloemfontein which i wrote about here. Which got a lot of people mad. How dare i challenge such an obviously God thing and good people with good intentions gathering together to pray for the country? How can that possibly be a bad thing? If i remember correctly, my writing on the prayer event was more questioning than condemning and [...]

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“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Foreign)”

Famous stuffed dolphin No_bob encounters famous Petronas towers a few years ago i attended a youth conference in Malaysia and so naturally i took the world's most famous stuffed dolphin, No_bob [I was going to call him 'Bob' but he doesn't bob] with me... this picture in front of the Petronas towers signifies the tourist experience for me - feeling very very small in front of something that is very very big - [...]