the accident of my skin

the accident of my skin

i have so-called white skin. i don’t hate my skin colour. i hate that it has been elevated above the skin colours of so many other people. i hate that some people see themselves as ‘better than’ simply based on the accident of their skin colour.

When i talk about defeating whiteness that is what i mean. It is not at all about hating the skin i, or people who look like me, have or about hating white people. Not even a little bit. It is all about the desperate need the world has to seriously lose any kind of notion that white is somehow better, worth more, more intelligent, more capable or anything like that.

The ideology of whiteness must fall. That can all happen while loving who i am and loving my black and brown friends and brothers and sisters and even strangers around me and fighting to undo the ideology that suggests in any kind of way that their skin colour makes them in any way at all less than.

White is beautiful. But ONLY alongside the Truth of the fact that Black and Brown and anything in between is as beautiful too.


Also check out this super helpful blog post from my friend Jacqui Tooke who examines whiteness through the lens of the five stages of grief.

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